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Wanna Spend a Weekend at Camp Crystal Lake? You Can This August
Whether it's through general rules of the time or franchise rules that are learned over the span of several chapters, you can't watch a cinematic world rooted in horror without developing some ground rules as to what works and what doesn't. Over 20 years after the sci-fi slasher coalescence known as Jason X, the Friday the[...]
Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.
The movie adds include Batman Begins, Jason X, and The Pursuit of Happyness, along with the family comedy Yes Day starring Jennifer Garner Series adds include Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Season 2, the new Pacific Rim: The Black anime series, and Last Chance U, which is one I cannot wait for You can see the[...]
Finally, The Ultimate Friday The 13th Blu-ray Set This Fall
Voorhees ·        Slashed Scenes ·        Vintage Fangoria Magazine Article (BD Rom – New to the Set) ·        TV Spots (New to the Set) ·        Theatrical Trailer FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD ·        Audio Commentary with director John Carl Buechler and actor Kane Hodder ·        Audio Commentary with director John Carl Buechler and actors Lar Park Lincoln and Kane Hodder · Jason's Destroyer: The Making of FT[...]
Friday the 13th: The Game Players Accessed Jason X's Skin Early… Again
Jason X is probably one of the biggest abominations to the entire Friday the 13th franchise How can we make Jason even scarier for modern audiences? Hey, let's shoot him into space and make him look like the Super Shredder Because that's what you did in early '00s horror: be tacky. Back in February of this year,[...]