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Bring A Flashlight And Pre-Order Drew Rausch's My Blacks Don't Match TP
Written by Jocelyn Gajeway, with art by Drew Rausch, this web comic has been enjoyed by fans for 100 pages The webcomic, which releases new pages every Wednesday is one of the more entertaining webcomics around right now. What's it all about? A sleepy town called Autumn Grove that suffers from Samhainophobia – the fear of[...]
Drew Rausch Has A Webcomic And You Don't Want To Miss It
I came across the image above on his Instagram, and immediately had to know more. The webcomic is entitled My Black's Don't Match, and it's written by Jocelyn Gajeway, with art by Rausch of course They release a new page each Wednesday, so it's a pretty cool thing to follow if you ask me[...]