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rick-and-morty-presents-mr. Meeseeks #1 i
Meeseeks #1 by James Asmus, Jim Festante, Josh Perez, and CJ Cannon on June 12.In the issue, the Meeseeks are n search for the meaning of life Silly readers, we should know that we can't ask Meeseeks these kinds of questions, it will lead to so really bad places The R&M specials have done gangbusters[...]
Mega Man Mastermix #1 cover by Hitoshi Ariga
I don't even want to see him blast every minion; it would have just been nice for Elec Man to last longer than one razor-cut. Mega Man Mastermix #1 art by Hitoshi Ariga and Josh Perez Hitoshi Ariga's art does justice to the design of the world, and the retro-futuristic aesthetic of it all is quite wonderful[...]