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Never Open It: The Taboo Trilogy by Ken Niimura Coming from Yen Press
Yen Press announced they would be publishing Never Open It: The Taboo Trilogy, a collection of stories by acclaimed artist Ken Niimura, widely known for his work on manga such as I Kill Giants, Henshin, and Umami. "Never Open It: The Taboo Trilogy" cover art, Yen Press. Never Open It: The Taboo Trilogy is a collection of three stories from Ken Niimura that[...]
I Kill Giants To Become Feature Film
Kelly and Ken Niimura created I Kill Giants, Kelly wrote the screenplay adaptation. Treehouse Pictures has come on to fully finance Helium writer/director Anders Walter's feature length directorial debut I Kill Giants, the film adaptation of Joe Kelly's graphic novel about a young misfit girl battling both real and imagined monsters in her life[...]