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Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood Sexual Harassment and Tess Fowler

Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Sexual Harassment and Tess Fowler

Fowler also recounted and that a number of other people has contacted her with their own, comparable, experiences with Wood.Nowadays, Brian Wood mostly writes Aliens comic books for Dark Horse and Robotech for Titan, while Tess Fowler - after a high profile stint on Rat Queens - has been drawing Kid Lobotomy, written by Peter[...]

Wednesday Morning Runaround &#8211 From Hot Topic To Batkid

Wednesday Morning Runaround – From Hot Topic To Batkid

Madame Tussauds will also debut its first fully immersive Marvel 4D theater, featuring the largest line-up of Marvel figures ­ such as Iron Man, Nick Fury, Thor and Captain America ­ to be seen in one room. REPEAT WARNINGLaura Hudson talks about sexual harassment in comics, and her own experiences at the San Diego Comic Con And[...]

Rape He Wrote.

Rape, He Wrote.

The article also quotes Wired's Laura Hudson in direct opposition to that; “It’s using a trauma you don’t understand in a way whose implications you can’t understand, and then talking about it as though you’re doing the same thing as having someone’s head explode You’re not Those two things are not equivalent, and if you don’t[...]

Where To Find Me On Thursday At San Diego Comic Con

Where To Find Me On Thursday At San Diego Comic Con

And you will all be forced to buy it by William Christensen, on pain of being tortured, Crossed-style.And then I have to kill time in the same room for six hours until 7pm where, alongside Heidi MacDonald, Laura Hudson, Tom Spurgeon, I'll be on the Bleeding Alliance Of Beat Reporters panel The title of which[...]

Comics Alliances Dream Comes True In Cover Variant Form

Comics Alliance's Dream Comes True In Cover Variant Form

We've all enjoyed the Godzilla retailer variant cover gallery. But why do I get the feeling that this particular Godzilla #1 variant from IDW will be more popular than the rest? If not perhaps for reasons that owner Larry would appreciate? He won't mind though, a sale's a sale…

All Bow Down To The New Lord and Master Of Comics Alliance

Comics Alliance certainly seems to fall into step politically with Huffington, and with horror stories I heard regarding pressures from AOL's content management people, this could well be a breath of fresh air for Laura Hudson and company.Just don't expect James Hudnall to suddenly start writing for the site.Full disclosure: I applied for the lead[...]