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Ron Salas Draws Prince Valiant For Dynamite
The issue is drawn by Ron Salas and colored by Luigi Anderson from a script by Nate Cosby The issue comes with a cover by Jonathan Lau. The entire universe is in peril Trillions of lives at stake There's an omniscient and omnipotent darkness coming It has never lost a battle But don't worry…Prince Valiant has[...]
Ron Salas Draws The Pirate Phantom
The issue is written by Nate Cosby and the colors are by Luigi Anderson Interesting to note that both Pirate Phantom and young Flash Gordon make an appearance here. Steel thyself! For the adventure-craving Valiant flees from a foe that wants to be his friend, adopts a travel companion from a different age, and wields a[...]
The Twisted Side Of Hollywood Through The Eyes Of An Auteur – Oni's Hit Comes To Trade
Luigi Anderson's vibrant colors add that extra "umph" to every scene, and especially shines whenever Rex is having a drug-induced vision The duo of Callahan and Anderson brings the Gonzo touch to Spears' heavy-handed satire of Hollywood While the story may be beyond ridiculous at times, it's the art that keeps your attention throughout. The first[...]