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Back at C2E2, Rich Henn and I got to interview Mage creator Matt Wagner With Mage: The Hero Denied out now at comic shops, it seems only appropriate to finally get this episode up for the world. Rich and Wagner are actually friends, so I let Rich take over the interview this time Wagner is a[...]
World Of Warcraft – Mages, The Glass Cannons Of Legion
So far we've talked about Hunters and Priests, now we move on to the somewhat overpowered Mage class… or as I've heard them referred to: Glass Cannons. Mages are unique in that they already have very different lore and game play for each of their specs Frost, Fire and Arcane all feel very different to play[...]
Matt Wagner Talks The History Of The Green Hornet Both In And Out Of Comics
His characters of Grendel and Mage are mainstays of independent comics and his cover runs on Batman and Green Arrow are fan favorites Wagner's run on Green Hornet for Dynamite Entertainment is now being collected and Mike Raicht had a chance to speak to the double-threat creator about the series. MIKE RAICHT: I just wanted to[...]