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Limited Run Games To Release Physical Editions Of Maniac Mansion
Limited Run Games have partnered with Lucasfilm Games to release retro physical copies of the 1987 NES game Maniac Mansion This is the game you all know and love from back when Nintendo ruled the world and people were creating some crazy and experimental titles even for that era This is one of those games,[...]
The Legend of LucasArts and Its Storied Games – Part One
With Maniac Mansion in 1987, they hit a home run The brainchild of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, Maniac Mansion brought with it, along with a colorful cast of characters, the Edison family, strange, disembodied tentacles, and a mad scientist who isn't above abducting people for use in his wacky experiments This hilarious point-and-click extravaganza[...]
Former Lucasarts Art Director Wants To Share His Bad Dreams
Gary Winnick writes for Bleeding Cool: Hi! I'm Gary Winnick, the co-creator of Lucasfilm's Maniac Mansion and Art Director of Lucasarts for its' first decade I've worked at a lot of high profile companies over the years But working for someone else has never given me the true sense of accomplishment I have from writing and[...]