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The Wife Poster
Happy for him, his wife Joan (Glenn Close) and son David (Max Irons) accompany him to Stockholm to accept the award Also along for the ride, much to the family's dismay, is journalist Nathaniel Bone (Christian Slater), who is trying to write the definitive biography of the man What follows is a journey through Joe[...]
Casting Roundup: A Maleficent Swithcheroo, Plus Brie Larson, Blake Lively And More
[Variety] • Wartime drama The Devil's Harvest has cast (and already begun filming with) Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Aneurin Barnard, Ben Kingsley and Terrence Stamp Barnard plays a young man "growing up in rural Ukraine who finds his life changed forever by the invasion of the Red Army and the subsequent persecution of his family and[...]
A Very Big List Of Casting Updates
The first one we'll probably get to see – from director Boris Damast – is set to include Claire Foy (Season of the Witch) and Max Irons (Red Riding Hood), with Neve Campbell, Jacqueline Bisset, Elle Fanning, Tom Wilkinson, Alfred Molina and Sebastian Koch also said to be in negotations Damast's script focuses on how[...]