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Joel McHale Talks Playing Starman, and Superhero Shows From His Youth
Recently announced as Season Three series regulars Neil Hopkins (Larry "Crusher" Crock) and Joy Osmanski (Paula Brooks), respectively, escape prison and highlight the second act with Luke Wilson (Pat) and Amy Smart (Barb) in what could only be described as "Date Night" Just normal folks comparing parenting tips and troubles with supervillains It is the lighthearted[...]
Stargirl: DC Universe Casts Injustice Society's Tigress, Sportsmaster and Dragon King
Just when you thought the upcoming live-action Stargirl series was only going to be about the heroes, DC Universe is about to bring a little "injustice" into your lives. Joy Osmanski (The Santa Clarita Diet), Neil Hopkins (Matador), and Nelson Lee (Mulan) are set to take on the roles of Tigress, Sportsmaster and Dragon King, respectively – three[...]