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Fellow Traveller Reveals Three New Game Trailers During The Week
The three games we got a better look at this weekend were Genesis Noir, Suzerain, and Paradise Killer We have all three of them below along with more info on each game All of them look pretty awesome, but we must admit, Genesis Noir is looking like the one we want to explore the most[...]
The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
Those games include Shadows Of Doubt, The Forgotten City, Paradise Killer, Haven, Cartel Tycoon, Trash Sailors, Cris Tales, and Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms You can check out descriptions for all of them below as well as see the complete showcase video from the PC Gaming Show. Cris Tales was one of the many[...]
Paradise Killer Art
Fellow Traveller and Kaizen Game Works have released a brand new announcement trailer for their upcoming game Paradise Killer The game is set to be released on PC this summer as you will be visiting the island of Paradise! Which is an island that regenerates every few millennia due to the psychic power that the[...]