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Six Things About Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine Issue 1
He clearly seems to have good intentions, but just how extensive will the screening be? What are the costs? What's his angle? And how much trouble is Clev in? Well, we at least know the answer to the last question. Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine is written by Dan Jolley, with art by Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs[...]
Armed Massacres, Gun Control And The NSA Get Superhero Analogues In Bloodhound
Then a new series of stories with Kirk and Robin Riggs ran in Dark Horse Presents. Jolley once described the comic as "a story of redemption, about a brutal ex-Atlanta police detective named Travis Clevenger, who's given a second chance after screwing up his life so royally that he's landed a 15-to-25 year prison sentence[...]