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Spongebob Squarepants lives in a pineapple under the sea (Image: Nickelodeon)
Unfortunately, as far as we know not much has changed in that department since the late Stephen Hillenburg gave his answer on the matter. In a 2002 interview with The Wall Street Journal, the series creator was asked about SpongeBob's sexuality and he responded by saying that he wasn't gay: "I always think of [the characters][...]
'Sponge Bob' Creator Stephen Hillenburg Has Passed Away
Stephen Hillenberg, the creator of Nickelodeon's hugely popular SpongeBob Square Pants passed away today at the age of 57.  He was diagnosed with ALS, a neuro-degenerative disease that effects the spinal chord and brain in March of 2017, which was the cause of Hillenburg's death. Stephen Hillenburg, Photo by Straits Times "We are incredibly saddened by the news[...]