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Ande Parks On Westerns, The Lone Ranger And What Readers Want Today
With Dynamite Parks has played with such iconic characters as Kato, Zorro and The Lone Ranger Nancy Collins talked with Parks about his work on the legendary cowboy hero. NANCY COLLINS: How familiar were you with the Lone Ranger before coming on as writer for the series? ANDE PARKS: To be honest, not very[...]
New Images Of Johnny Depp And Armie Hammer In Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger
Walt Disney's The Lone Ranger is one of next year's biggest planned summer releases, currently scheduled to arrive in cinemas on August 9th 2013, and has been reinvented, in the words of director Gore Verbinski, as: A dysfunctional buddy movie. It's two guys who start literally and figuratively handcuffed together who end up on the same mission[...]