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Trumps Titans Gets Collected in March from Keenspot

Trump's Titans Gets Collected in March from Keenspot

But in case you aren't getting enough of that, Keenspot has you covered.Back in August, we plunked down the cash on your behalf to read Trump's Titans #1, and.. well, we couldn't really figure out what the point was It was parody, for sure, but parody that didn't appear to take any kind of stance,[...]

A New Comic Called Trumps Titans Is Some Kind Of Parody But Of What And Why

A New Comic Called 'Trump's Titans' Is Some Kind Of Parody, But Of What, And Why?

With little fanfare, a new comic book series hit Comixology today, but it's not likely to stay under the radar for long. Trump's Titans, published by Keenspot Comics, bills itself as "unbelievable presidential parody," but if you're looking for biting satire, that doesn't appear to be what the book has to offer.Arguably, the barely hidden SS[...]