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“Doctor Who”: BBC Releases Compilation of Past Christmas Specials Because There Isn’t One This Year
"The Next Doctor", "The End of Time", "The Snowmen", "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" and "Twice Upon A Time" are not included. I can sort of see why They weren't always the best-written Christmas Specials, and Christmas was less tightly woven into the plot "Twice Upon A Time" featured some of Steven Moffat's best writing about[...]
Since there's no Doctor Who Christmas Special this year, let's look back at last year's Christmas Special 'Twice Upon a Time' I was watching it again and noticed some themes I'd missed before. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Twelfth Doctor Begins to Regenerate | The Doctor Falls | Doctor Who ( To recap:[...]
Doctor Who: Watch BBC America's Official Twice Upon a Time Christmas Special Trailer
Called Twice Upon a Time, the episode will mark the end of Steven Moffat's tenure as Doctor Who showrunner and Peter Capaldi's time as the Doctor, and we'll see Capaldi's regeneration into new Doctor Jodie Whittaker Chris Chibnall takes over as showrunner for the next season. But until that regeneration, we're getting one more trip in[...]