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We ALMOST Had a Very Different 'Fantastic Four' Movie in 2015
Bless Zack Stentz for his candor on the most recent episode of Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast, because we just learned a whole mess o' stuff about the Fantastic Four film WE COULD HAVE HAD, among other things. Ah yes, who would forget Fan-4-Stick. Perhaps you'll recall that 2015 misfire of a reboot of Fantastic Four that featured Doom as[...]
Thor Screenwriter Complains Of "Thorsplaining" On Twitter
Even Zack Stentz, co-screenwriter of the original 2011 Thor film, was praising the movie on Twitter, only to be met with what he described as "Thorsplaining." you do realise the first thor movie was more than just him taking his shirt off? — Will (@stanshockd) November 5, 2017 Bleeding Cool generally tends to believe that the people who[...]
Watching The Honest Trailer For Thor With The Movie's Co-Writer
Well, here the Screen Junkie sit down with Zack Stentz, co-writer on Thor and watch the honest trailer for his film together. [youtube][/youtube]   We've shown a lot of the Honest Trailers done by Screen Junkies They tend to take the film makers to task in a humorous way[...]
Roberto Orci Left Spider-Man For… The Power Rangers?
Along with Orci somes two writers from X-Men: First Class, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. Miller and Stentz began working together on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe and Andromeda before getting to work on Marvel's Thor in 2011 They co-wrote X-Men: First Class with Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman. Orci continues to take new assignments after[...]