Always Sunny Fan & WWE NXT 2.0's Grayson Waller: Our New Fav Wrestler

You know, it's nice every once and a while to find those instances when your various "geek loves" find ways to cross paths. In this case, it's FXX's record-setting It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and professional wrestling. Now between the late, great "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, the "Birds of War" (Rob McElhenney's Mac, Glenn Howerton's Dennis & Charlie Day's Charlie), and Frank "The Trashman" Reynolds, (Danny DeVito), IASIP is no stranger to the squared circle. But having the recognition work the other way is pretty rare- well, it was until today. Because today's the day WWE NXT 2.0 superstar (and the thorn in A.J. Styles' side) Grayson Waller became one of our favorite wrestlers of all time. Don't get us wrong. We don't agree with everything he's done (though we're all-in on letting the younger generation grab some spots), and he puts us in a difficult position because we're also big Styles fans. We don't agree with everything he says (and we would strongly suggest he keeps those ECW thoughts to himself whenever Paul Heyman is around with Brock Lesnar). But Waller's done the one thing to win us over that others just can't seem to do. And that was to make sure folks know that IASIP is one of the very few things on his very short list of what he likes about Philadelphia.

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Before his one-on-one in-ring face-off tonight with Styles, Waller posted some video from a very cold tour of "The City of Brotherly Love" (and also where they will knock out a Santa cold with snowball filled with ice) where he applies a verbal "The Waller Effect" to the old neighborhood stomping grounds of ECW. But it's at the very beginning where he earns some serious bonus points when he lists the Philadelphia Eagles, Lil' Dicky, and The Gang from Paddy's (including Kaitlin Olson, who we would never leave out but we were looking for the best time to drop her name in) as the city's saving graces. Now you might be thinking that love for "Always Sunny" might be a pretty shallow reason to suddenly make someone your favorite wrestler, but we would disagree. For too long, we "Always Sunny" fans have been a proud but quiet group- content with rolling along season-to-season simply enjoying the show's magic. So when someone comes along who's popular and has a growing brand like Waller does be willing to go public for Paddy's? Well, to us that's a sign of the kind of good judgment and quality television taste that will lead to nothing less than multiple WrestleMania main event matches and a wall covered in title belts. Now if Waller could just find a way to start a "Birds of War"/"The Trashman" stable, he would run NXT 2.0. Here's a look at the video from earlier today:

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