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Ms. Marvel MIA? SNL/Taylor Swift, NXT/CW & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? Saturday Night Live, WWE NXT & The CW, SAG-AFTRA/AMPTP, Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, Prime Video's Invincible, Critical Role's Candela Obscura: Tide & Bone, FX's Shōgun, Please Don't Destroy & Taylor Swift, Marvel Studios' The Marvels/Ms Marvel, Prime Video's Reacher, Crunchyroll & Walmart, FX's What We Do in the[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Mick Foley Decides Who Might Be The Iron Survivors
While WWE Hall of Famer, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels runs the joint down at NXT, this week he decided to throw some responsibilities towards a fellow Hall of Famer in Mick Foley  Foley was tasked with picking who he'd like to see in the first qualifying matches on tonight's WWE NXT on USA for the men's[...]
NXT Halloween Havoc Week 1 Preview: Becky Lynch Defends Her Title
It's Halloween time again, kiddos!  While the actual unholiest of unholy days is next week, WWE and NXT are too into the holiday spirit and have taken their annual WCW homage-paying event, Halloween Havoc, and have stretched it into two nights with a week between them, meaning next week's show will be on actual Halloween[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Becky Lynch Live And A Battle Royal Tonight
"The Man" will be in the house live tonight on WWE NXT  The Man in question is none other than NXT Women's Champion Becky Lynch, who, when she's not having staredowns with Jade Cargill on Monday Night Raw, does still have to handle the responsibilities that come with being a Champion (Roman Reigns is excused from said[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Tonight Will Be The Most Star-Studded Episode Ever
 Their game plan appears to be loading up tonight's episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network with as many main roster superstars as possible, along with some title matches and a big grudge match between the brand's two biggest current stars and arguably WWE's two biggest prospects  Oh, and a certain Deadman/American Badass Hall[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
It seems the WWE, still nursing the wounds of defeat from the notorious Wednesday Night Ratings Wars, is summoning warriors of old to reclaim the honor of NXT The whispers I hear between my loyal subjects and the loose-tongued parrots that make the WWE headquarters their plaything, speak of no one less than The Undertaker. Would[...]
WWE's Biggest Stars Will Invade NXT Next Tuesday
If you're someone who normally doesn't tune in to NXT because of a lack of recognizable stars, WWE has an answer that might entice you next week  As we learned over the course of last night's episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network, next Tuesday night's episode will be so loaded with some of[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Trick Williams Vs Dirty Dom In A No Mercy Rematch
This past Saturday night's NXT No Mercy Premium Live Event on Peacock saw Carmelo Hayes' former sidekick Trick Williams truly break out on his own when he defeated Dominik Mysterio for the North American Championship  That loss, of course, did not sit well with "Dirty Dom" or his Judgement Day comrades, especially the Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley[...]
NXT Women's Champ Becky Lynch Shows Off Gruesome Injury Pics
Hopefully, you were able to watch this past Saturday night's NXT No Mercy Premium Live Event on Peacock because it ended up being a pretty eventful and badass night of pro wrestling action  If you missed it, the main event match pitting current NXT Women's Champion and Raw star Becky Lynch against former Champion Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules[...]
NXT No Mercy Preview: WWE Star Becky Lynch Is Back On An NXT PLE
 No, tonight we're getting NXT No Mercy, the developmental brand's Premium Live Event of the month on Peacock, and while the show (and almost nothing these days) can measure up to the pure joy that one of the premiere games of our childhoods does, it still could wind up being a pretty fun night of wrestling[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Global Heritage Invitational Finals Tonight
The most recent tournament in NXT will be coming to an end tonight, as the two men left standing, Butch and Joe Coffey will battle it out live tonight on the USA Network to see who will be the winner and earn the right to challenge Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup at No Mercy[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Top Two Champions In NXT Face Each Other
The two guys with the top two prizes in NXT will go one-on-one tonight for the first time ever, albeit without the gold on the line  NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes will face the NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio in tonight's main event on WWE NXT on the USA Network with only bragging rights at stake[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Becky Lynch Returns To Go For The Gold
 Another notable thing is that one of the biggest stars in all of WWE today is returning to her old stomping grounds of NXT, and she's looking to get her hands on a title that eluded her during her time down in Orlando  The main event of tonight's WWE NXT on the USA Network will[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Tiffany Stratton Defends; Will Becky Lynch Be There?
An intriguing potential rivalry that WWE and NXT have been planting the seeds for over the past couple of weeks has been one between NXT Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton and WWE's most popular Women's Division star, Becky Lynch  While Stratton has her hands plenty full at the moment fighting off challengers down in her brand, it[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Who Will Face Tiffany Stratton For The Title?
 There are a few names you could pick from the NXT brand and label as not-too-distant future main roster stars already, while some others appear to have the pieces, if not the complete package just yet  We will get a chance to see who's who on tonight's episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network[...]
NXT Heatwave Preview: Can Wes Lee Win The Big One?
Tonight the USA Network will be home to the not-quite Premium Live Event, NXT Heatwave, where we will see the NXT Championship put on the line, along with a number of other intriguing matches in what could be an exciting night of pro wrestling action. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes will defend his title against Wes Lee in[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Who Will Challenge Carmelo Hayes At NXT Heatwave?
Just one week from tonight, the NXT brand will host Heatwave, and we know that main-eventing that show will be NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes defending his title  What we do not know just yet is who he will be defending the title against a week from tonight  But by the end of tonight's episode of[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Will Rey Mysterio Cost His Son His Title Tonight?
 Now things have spilled into NXT, and while Dom will be defending his North American Title against Dragon Lee tonight on WWE NXT, he'll have to do so with his father/arch nemesis at ringside. Dominik Mysterio will defend his North American Title against Dragon Lee with Rey Mysterio looking on tonight on NXT, courtesy of WWE. "Dirty Dom"[...]
WWE NXT Preview: All Of The Fallout From The Great American Bash
America can consider itself bashed greatly, as this past Sunday night saw NXT hold their Premium Live Event on Peacock, The Great American Bash  Every title in NXT was put on the line, but only one changed hands when Tony D'Angelo and Stacks captured the Tag Team Championship from Gallus[...]
NXT Great American Bash Preview: Title Matches And A Big Debut
Peacock will belong to the gang down in NXT tonight when the brand's own Premium Live Event, NXT Great American Bash, streams live from Cedar Park, Texas  The name, of course, evokes some good ol' NWA/WCW nostalgia, but while the event has its roots in the past, tonight's show will be all about the future as[...]
WWE Is Resurrecting No Mercy For The First Time In 6 Years For NXT
 And this time, it's going to be in NXT! That's fun, too, right?  Kinda?  Maybe? NXT No Mercy will be held on September 30, courtesy of WWE. Like many other beloved pay-per-views from yesteryear, WWE has resurrected No Mercy for the NXT brand to use  The NXT version of the event will be held as an NXT-exclusive[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Can Dominik Mysterio Dethrone Wes Lee?
The Judgement Day made themselves at home last week on WWE NXT when the faction of Raw stars invaded the Performance Center  While they were specifically there to return the favor of making life difficult for NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes, who, along with Trick Williams, had drawn the ire of the team's leader Finn Balor, they additionally found a[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Judgement Day Are Rolling Into Town Tonight
One of the defining traits of the current iteration of NXT is the regular inclusion of main roster superstars from Raw and SmackDown, respectively  We have seen headlining feuds between these established superstars and the up-and-coming talents from NXT, and we have even seen veterans such as Dolph Ziggler come down to Orlando and win major titles[...]
NXT Gold Rush Preview: Carmelo Hayes Defends Against Baron Corbin
Tonight on the USA Network, we will see the kids down in Orlando take a stab at a second week of their NXT Gold Rush event  The biggest titles in the brand will be on the line, including NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes defending his title against main roster star Baron Corbin while NXT Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton will defend[...]
NXT Gold Rush Preview: Is Tonight The Biggest Match In NXT History?
We have seen plenty of the main roster superstars of Raw and SmackDown head down to the Orlando area to face off against the best that NXT has to offer  AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, and The New Day have all done this fairly recently and they have each found success in doing so[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Can Bron Breakker Get Seth Rollins To Accept?
Former NXT Champion Bron Breakker shocked everyone last week when he abruptly announced that his sights were no longer on Carmelo Hayes and the NXT Championship, but rather that he was openly challenging Raw's World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin" Rollins for his title  To immediately become Raw's top Champion would undoubtedly be one way to make an immediate splash on[...]
WWE NXT Preview: A Women's Battle Royal To Become #1 Contender
Last week's episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network was an interesting one (to say the very least).  Not only did we see surprise appearances from main roster stars such as Mustafa Ali and Baron Corbin, establishing new rivalries for them with NXT stars, but we also saw the celebration of the brand-new Women's Champion Tiffany[...]
WWE NXT Preview: A Weaponized Steel Cage Match To Open The Show
Since the end of the Toxic Attraction faction, the two remaining members of the trio in NXT have been at war with one another  Jacy Jayne turned on and brutalized her longtime tag team partner Gigi Dolin in a moment that instantly stirred up memories of Shawn Michaels putting Marty Jannetty through a barber shop window[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Women's Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
All eyes will be on the ladies of NXT tonight, and it has nothing to do with their looks  After tonight's episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network, we will know who the two women are that will be battling for the brand's Women's Championship  Since now-Raw star Indi Hartwell was forced to relinquish the[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Women's Title Tournament Continues Tonight
One of the conundrums to come out of the WWE Draft a couple of weeks ago was the necessity of figuring out what to do when a Champion from NXT was drafted to either Raw or SmackDown, respectively  WWE's answer was not a uniform one  It ranged from simply saying, "To hell with it!" and letting them[...]