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gene lebell
 His impact on pro wrestling is still felt today, which includes his training of Rousey and his creation of The LeBell Lock, the submission move famously used by Bryan Danielson. Image: Gene LeBell (Screencap) A much-beloved figure in the pro wrestling industry, WWE released a statement this afternoon honoring the late Gene LeBell, highlighting his contributions to the industry. WWE[...]
NXT 2.0 Recap 8/9: A New Challenger For The North American Title
 But what of his current standing on the NXT roster and the title he currently holds?  Well, we might have found an answer to that. Carmelo Hayes has a new challenger for his North American title after last night's NXT 2.0, courtesy of WWE. Giovanni Vinci stepped up to "the A-Champ" last night, talking down to him before[...]
Interior preview page from WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity
This Preview of WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity TPB explores the secret origins of all three members of The New Day Check out the preview below. WWE THE NEW DAY: POWER OF POSITIVITY BOOM! STUDIOS APR220702 (W) Narcisse, Evan, Austin Walker (A / CA) Daniel Bayliss WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E debuted as a[...]
NXT 2.0 Preview 8/9: Yet Another Tony D & Escobar Confrontation...
Between last Friday's SmackDown and last night's Raw, the slow but steady changes in storytelling and presentation are starting to become more evident in the Triple H era of WWE  It's not an entirely new landscape, but there are certainly positives and a more organic feel to everything  I thought how Dexter Lumis' return was handled last night was[...]
Damian Priest Challenges Edge; More Matches Made on WWE Raw
For the second week in a row, WWE Raw looks to be moving along multiple storylines in a consistent and logical fashion Who could have possibly known that ousting the nearly 80-year-old head of creative who hasn't had an original idea in twenty years and replacing him with a fan-favorite booker who doesn't seem to[...]
Triple H Signs Another Ex-WWE Guy as Dexter Lumis Appears on Raw
It seems like every time the ratings for Dyna— we mean Raw or Smackdown start to dip a little bit, To— we mean, Triple H responds by breaking out his father– …in-law's checkbook and bringing in another ex-WWE guy to boost them Dexter Lumis appeared on WWE Raw tonight, as he was spotted in the crowd[...]
WWE Raw Preview: US Title Match, Women's Tag Tournament
WWE Raw is shaping up to be a potential not so bad show this week (look, that's the best praise we're willing to give it until proven otherwise) There are currently three matches advertised for the show, as well as the promise of the start of a new championship tournament Will that be enough to[...]
Will Sasha Banks & Naomi Return For The WWE Women's Tag Tournament?
 By bringing in/back to the fold fan favorites like Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky at last Saturday's SummerSlam and following that up last night with the shocking return of Karrion Kross and Scarlett, Triple H has begun to not only craft the WWE landscape in his image but also remedy the mistakes of the former administration[...]
How AEW Rampage Ruined The Chadster's Perfect Friday Night
The Chadster's beloved WWE gave to The Chadster the greatest gift any wrestling company has ever given its biggest fan The Chadster's live coverage of WWE SummerSlam was featured on WWE Smackdown last night! During a segment showing media headlines for SummerSlam, WWE used one of The Chadster's articles about Edge returning. Screencap of WWE Smackdown[...]
WWE SmackDown: Another Talent Made Their Big WWE Return Tonight
When Triple H effectively took over running all of TV for WWE a couple of weeks ago following the sudden retirement of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, one of the top hopes among fans (especially fans of Triple H's era of NXT) was that he would bring back certain stars who were mishandled and ultimately released during McMahon's tenure[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 8/5: Roman Reigns & Drew McIntyre Face-Off
With SummerSlam now in the rearview mirror, this week marked the beginning of a new era in WWE with Triple H, having already taken over creative for the company now being able to stretch his wings a bit now that storylines were resolved at SummerSlam  This past Monday on Raw, while nothing Earth-shaking happened, we did sense a different[...]
NXT 2.0 Recap 8/2: We Have New NXT Women's Tag Team Champions
While the fate of the main roster's WWE Women's Tag Team titles remains in a state of flux, if not outright doom, down at NXT it appeared their version of the titles would suffer a similar fate when Cora Jade, half of the Champions with Roxanne Perez, turned on her partner and followed that up by dumping her[...]
Triple H Sells Out?
Triple H has taken over WWE Creative after the sudden "retirement" of a scandal-plagued, beleaguered Vince McMahon, but while most agree this will result in better storylines, not everything about the toxic corporate culture of WWE is going to change overnight And when it comes to promoting the inaccurate, WWE-centric version of wrestling history touted[...]
WWE Raw: Ciampa Wins Right to Challenge Bobby Lashley for US Title
Ciampa is the next challenger for Bobby Lashley's United States Championship, the top belt exclusive to WWE Raw Ciampa was the winner of a triple threat match followed by a one-on-one match with the winner of a different triple threat match on Raw last night to earn the opportunity, a major upgrade from his previous[...]
WWE Raw: Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY Shape Up Women's Division
Becky Lynch will be out of action as she recovers from a separated shoulder, but Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY (yes, that is her new name) attacked her for good measure on WWE Raw The returning stars' new stable has its sights set on Bianca Belair and the Raw Women's Championship, with Sky and[...]