L.A. Law: Corbin Bernsen Returning as Arnold Becker for ABC Pilot

LA Law, the sequel to the 1980s NBC lawyer series that launched the entire genre of lawyer series, cast Corbin Bernsen to reprise his original role from the original series. Bernsen will join returning cast member Blair Underwood, who is the lead of the new series. The new LA Law is a re-envisioning of the original show featuring some of the original characters working with new ones on cases that push the hot button issues of the day.

L.A. Law: Corben Bernsen to Return as Arnold Becker
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Bernsen will once again play Arnold Becker. A womanizer and narcissist, Becker hasn't changed since the 1980s but the world has. Now in his 60s, Becker struggles with a rapidly-shifting sexual and political landscape.

"I've often thought about revisiting LA Law and Arnie Becker over the years," Bernsen said. "Now seems the perfect moment in time to explore our fast-changing world through Becker's eyes. Fasten your seatbelts."

Bernsen appeared in all eight seasons of LA Law as well as the 2002 reunion TV movie. He received two Emmy nominations for best actor in a drama series for his work on the show. He is also known for his role as Sean's dad in the USA Network comedy series Psych and for movies like the Major League franchise, being one of the only actors to appear in all three films. He will next be in the 3rd Psych TV movie, "This Is Gus," as well as the HBO Watergate scandal drama The White House Plumbers.

Comics writer and former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim and Ubah Mohamed are writing and executive producing the pilot. Blair Underwood will executive produce on top of starring in LA Law. Anthony Hemingway will direct and executive produce the pilot. Dayna Bochco and Jesse Bochco, the wife & son of late LA Law co-creator Steven Bochco, will executive produce via Steven Bochco Productions. 20th Television will produce.

So far, there is no news on whether Arnie Becker will call dibs on anyone's office.

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