Luther Star Idris Elba Shares Pix from Filming: "I'm Back!"

Luther is back! The premier London rogue cop that everybody distrusts, who might be as dangerous as the bad guys he goes after, now has a movie. Creator Neil Cross and star Idris Elba have been promising for years that a movie was coming after the last season of the show ended on the BBC in the UK back in 2019. Now that movie is actually in production. Elba posted the following on Instagram from the set:

Luther: Idris Elba Tweets Pix from Movie Set, So it's On!
Idris Elba in a still from Series 4 of "Luther", BBC

"Oi……. I'm back."

The two photos were obviously taken on Elba's phone, probably an iPhone because what actor uses an Android phone? One picture shows a movie slate. The other is from Elba's point of view as he stands on a taped mark on set, wearing DCI John Luther's trademark battered coat.

Luther ran on the BBC for five seasons from 2010 and 2019. Elba plays Detective Chief Inspector John Luther of the London Metropolitan Police who investigated the darkest murder cases and often swam in those dark waters, bending rules and making dodgy decisions along the way. He often got colleagues and people killed, though it wasn't necessarily his fault they died. That's what happened to anyone who got in Luther's way or tried to screw him over. For many of the seasons, he engaged in a dance with Alice Morgan, a charismatic, manipulative sociopath played by Ruth Wilson who often stole the show. Rose was drawn to Luther's darkness and amoral side that she recognized in herself and seemed unbeatable until showrunner Cross decided to make her suddenly act stupid so that the plot could kill her off.

Netflix is co-producing the movie with the BBC, which means the movie will be streaming worldwide outside of the UK after its British premiere. Cross and Elba also have producer credits along with Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and David Ready for Chernin Entertainment. Dan Finlay is exec producing for Chernin Entertainment, along with Kris Thykier and BBC Studios' Priscilla Parish. Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis are also in the movie. Their roles haven't been disclosed yet, but Serkis is almost certainly not playing Gollum, an ape with a genius IQ or Alfred Pennyworth. He might actually play a human man who is not generated by CGI.

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