"Star Trek: Picard": How the Mars Attack Connects CBS All Access Series to 2009 Film [VIDEO]

The latest Star Trek: Picard featurette from CBS All Access revealed what makes Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) quit Starfleet. Focusing on a scene in the premiere episode "Remembrance", Picard reluctantly responds to the end of his professional career – putting blame on the Federation for abandoning their humanitarian duties and responsibilities. The Federation allowed the admiral to lead a fleet following the Romulan Supernova, which happened during the events of 2009's Star Trek.

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"Star Trek: Picard": The Event in Question

Since Spock (Leonard Nimoy) failed to save Romulus, millions of Romulans became displaced. With rescue efforts underway, a malfunction caused synthetics/artificial lifeforms to rebel on Mars killing thousands. The Federation abandoned the fleet project and banned synthetics afterward. Member nations withdrew support for the evacuation forcing Picard's hand in resigning.

The events in question give better context to Nero's (Eric Bana) thirst for revenge in not only blaming Spock, but also the Federation for abandoning his people. Both Nero and Spock's ships caught within the radius of the supernova dragging them to the Kelvin Universe. Still intent on implementing his revenge, Nero captured Spock's ship jettisoned him to a nearby planet surrounding Vulcan and destroyed Spock's home planet with red matter.


Is Nero More Justified in his Revenge?

Throughout the events of the 2009 Star Trek film, Nero wrecked havoc in Federation space with his Romulan ship fitted with Borg technology – nearly destroying Earth before Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew of the Enterprise stopped him. What was revealed in "Remembrance" makes Nero a much more sympathetic character – giving a reason for his all-consuming need for revenge.

Does this change how you feel about Nero? Does it put the 2009 film in a new light? Was the situation out of Starfleet's hands given the circumstances? As former mortal enemies, do you see any Romulans banding together to continue to wage war against the Federation?

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