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With the season two premiere of Star Trek: Picard looming, the third is currently in production since September 2021 Sadly according to the Paramount+ series' star Patrick Stewart and executive producer Akiva Goldsman, it will be its last In an interview with SFX Magazine (via /Film), the plan was always intentional for the Next Generation[...]
Captain Janeway Debuts In Star Trek Online With "Shadow’s Advance"
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have brought Captain Janeway to Star Trek Online with the latest episode, Shadow's Advance This new story continues the Mirror Universe thread we've been following for a minute with Captain Killy and Admiral Leeta coming into the main universe, and if anyone can put a stop to it, it's[...]
Star Trek Returns To Playmates For New Line Of Figures
Star Trek figures are coming back to stores and from a familiar place Playmates, after a while of teasing us, revealed their new line of figures and toys based on the mega-popular Sci-Fi franchise today It has been twelve years since we last saw Playmates Star Trek toys, and they are hitting the ground running[...]
star trek
With production already underway on the third season and the series set to premiere its 10-episode second season on Thursday, March 3, what better time than now for Paramount+ to release the official trailer for Star Trek: Picard And as much as we've appreciated seeing teases of Sir Patrick Stewart's Picard and John de Lancie's[...]
Eggman's forces are weakened, but when a signal causes the Badniks to go wild, Sonic, Tails, and Belle unknowingly set out to defeat a foe mightier than Eggman. In Shops: Apr 20, 2022 SRP: 3.99 #gallery-9 { margin: auto; } #gallery-9 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-9 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-9 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ STAR TREK[...]
Star Trek: Discovery, Strange New Worlds Renewed, Picard S2 Date Set
Paramount+ provided updates on every active Star Trek series starting with some not-so-surprising renewals starting with Discovery, which was renewed for a fifth season Season four resumes on February 10 Strange New Worlds, which is set to make its series premiere on May 5, has been renewed in advance for a second season The season[...]
Star Trek: Picard: Michelle Hurd & Jeri Ryan in Original Audio Drama
As we draw closer to Star Trek: Picard season two, Simon & Schuster and are partnering up for an original audio drama called Star Trek: Picard: No Man's Land that features two of the stars of the series in Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd, reprising their respective roles as Seven of Nine and[...]
Star Trek: The Next Generation – How Lore Was Originally Different
Brent Spiner has a unique perspective on the Star Trek franchise since his days on Next Generation His primary role on the series is Data, the android Starfleet officer, who aspired to be more human He's also played his evil twin Lore, the prototype B-4, and his human creator Dr Noonien Soong, his past ancestor[...]
DC Comics Hero Collector April 2022 Solicits
Doctor Who figurines and Star Trek space ship models over here, DC Comics hardcover graphic novels for the UK market there We split them in two this month because ne'er the twain shall meet And we begin with two figured from the Flux TV series of Doctor Who as well as a classic, as well[...]
DC Comics Hero Collector April 2022 Solicits
DC Comics hardcover graphic novels for the UK market here and the Doctor Who figurines and Star Trek space ship models over there We split them in two this month because ne'er the twain shall meet. The Legend of Batman – Hero Collector Graphic Novel Collection Special #18 Shadow of the Bat (Part 2) Alan Grant, Vince[...]
Patrick Stewart in Star Trek Picard
In what's starting to feel a little too much like 2021, filming on Paramount+'s Sir Patrick Stewart-starring Star Trek: Picard has been shut down over what is being reported as "more than 50" positive COVID-19 test results The results were reported on Monday and impacted several zones- including the cast in Zone A Production was[...]
DarkSide Collectibles Reveals New Star Trek Captain Kirk 1/3 Scale Statue
DarkSide Collectibles is beaming down a new collectible as they reveal their newest Star Trek: The Original Series statue The Captain is on deck as Captain James T Kirk is ready for action with this new 1/3 scale statue that stands roughly 25" tall The Captain of the USS Enterprise is loaded with detail capturing[...]
Star Trek: Discovery: Season 4, Episode 6 Review Into Darkness
Last week, Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green shared the news that the series would be returning on February 10 from its Season 4 midseason break (with Star Trek: Prodigy covering things until then) Now with a little more than a month to go, Paramount+ has released a teaser of what viewers can expect when[...]
"Nepenthe" -- Episode #107 -- Pictured: Jonathan Frakes as William Riker of the the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: PICARD. Photo Cr: Aaron Epstein/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
As a trusted voice on Star Trek, Jonathan Frakes has been a regular voice across all the current active shows on Paramount+ in Discovery, Picard, Strange New Worlds, and Lower Decks While he's largely remained behind the camera as a director, Frakes occasionally acts reprising his role as William Riker he originally made famous on[...]
Star Trek: Discovery
One of the major recurring issues in the Star Trek franchise is how it handles its galactic-wide threats In the case of seasons three and four, Discovery has been tasked to deal with them with considerable resistance The third season involved investigating the cause of The Burn before learning that the source was from Kaminar[...]