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Star Trek: Discovery Final Season Trailer Proves Epic, Heartbreaking
Earlier this month, we learned that Paramount+'s Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham)-starring Star Trek: Discovery, would be beaming down to our screens for its fifth and final season on Thursday, April 4th with two episodes (along with the official key art poster) Now, we're getting our first extended overview of what's to come with the release of[...]
star trek: discovery
On Thursday, April 4th, Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham)-starring Star Trek: Discovery will begin beaming down onto Paramount+ screens for its fifth and final season – and the show is kicking things off in grand fashion Viewers will be getting a two-episode return at the start of April – with the remaining episodes of the 10-episode[...]
Puppy Bowl
our pups are coming from and a look at some highlights from the past twenty years of Puppy Bowls. Image: Max WHEN /WHERE CAN I WATCH? The game will air across Animal Planet, Discovery, TBS, truTV, Max, and Discovery+ on Sunday, February 11, 2024, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT If you need to watch online and[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5
This April, the fifth & final season of Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham)-starring Star Trek: Discovery will begin beaming down to Paramount+ screens – which gives the cast & creative team more than enough time to offer some insights (and a few teases) about what viewers can expect For this go-around, Martin-Green discussed the series' final run[...]
star trek: discovery
With the fifth & final season of Paramount+'s Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham)-starring Star Trek: Discovery set to hit screens this April, fans have been getting some early looks at what they can expect through the release of episode images as well as exclusive clips from the streaming series' final fun (as well as a look[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5
Back in the beginning of December, fans of Star Trek: Discovery got a lot of updates during CCXP 2023 in Brazil, with series star Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham) and co-showrunner & executive producer Michelle Paradise on hand to drop some intel on the adventures ahead – along with a new cast photo and that[...]
Showtime Rebrand Brings Star Trek: Discovery, Halo & More to Cabler
With the rollout set for Monday, January 8, 2024, the move will see series such as Halo, Sexy Beast, Mayor of Kingstown, Wolf Pack, and Star Trek: Discovery joining the channel alongside current & upcoming Showtime Originals – though the streaming series will remain "Paramount+ first." L-R David Ajala as Book, Mary Wiseman as Tilly, Doug[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5
Over the weekend, series star Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham) and co-showrunner & executive producer Michelle Paradise stopped by CCXP 2023 to let fans know that the fifth & final season of Star Trek: Discovery would be hitting Paramount+ in April 2024 Along with the news came a new cast photo (see below) as well[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5
Fans of Star Trek: Discovery got the heads-up late last month that Paramount+ would be spotlighting the series at CCXP 2023 in Brazil this weekend as the series prepares for its final season run Series star Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham) and co-showrunner & executive producer Michelle Paradise were on hand to drop some intel[...]
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Earlier this week, we learned that Paramount+ was planning a big presence for the final season of Star Trek: Discovery (and the second season of Halo) during this weekend's CCXP pop culture convention in Brazil During a panel session set for Saturday, December 2nd, on the Thunder Stage, "Discovery" fans can expect to get some[...]
star trek
Earlier today, we learned that Paramount+ will be promoting two of its big-name franchises – the final season of Star Trek: Discovery and the second season of Halo. Image: Paramount+ During a panel session set for Saturday, December 2nd, on the Thunder Stage, "Discovery" fans can expect to get some intel on the "Star Trek" series' final[...]
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The last time we were treated to an extended look at the fifth & final season of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery was during San Diego Comic-Con 2023 (SDCC 2023) weekend That's when we were treated to a look behind the scenes at what fans can expect from the final run as well as a sneak preview that saw[...]
Star Trek: Discovery: Frakes “S5 Back on Track” with ‘First Contact’
The first series of the Paramount+ era Discovery is facing its fifth and final season as a one-of-a-kind experience in the franchise starting off as a The Original Series prequel and now wrapping as an unexpected sequel with the U.S.S Discovery emerging in the distant future of the timeline in an the 32nd century[...]
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We can't wait to share what's in store for you, and until then: live long and prosper (unless Emperor Georgiou decrees otherwise)!" EP Alex Kurtzman added, "All the way back in 2017, before the first season of 'Star Trek: Discovery' had even aired, Michelle had the idea to do a spin-off for her character, Philippa Georgiou[...]
Star Trek Universe Steps Up at SDCC 2023 & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? SDCC 2023 Day #3, Adult Swim & Toonami's Uzumaki, Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds & Star Trek: Lower Decks; FX's What We Do in the Shadows, TBS' American Dad!, AEW, AMC's Interview with the Vampire, Watchmen/Crisis on Infinite Earths, Cartoon Network's Tiny Toons[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5
What a difference three months makes when it comes to the fifth & final season of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery Because it was back in April when writer & executive producer Michelle Paradise gave us the heads-up that they were flying out to Toronto for the final shoot Now, it's San Diego Comic-Con 2023 (SDCC 2023)[...]
Star Trek Featurette Features Franchise’s Biggest Time Travel Episodes
Other episodes featured include Voyager two-parters "Future's End" and the series finale "Endgame," and the Discovery season two finale two-parter "Such Sweet Sorrow." Strange New Worlds streams Thursdays on Paramount+. Most assume the franchise's exploration is just within the stars because of the name Star Trek While there are plenty of space adventures, time plays[...]
strange new worlds
Croft's been an industry veteran for nearly two decades and embraces the challenge of being part of the sci-fi franchise since its reemergence in the streaming era for Paramount+ with Discovery With the season two premiere episode released, Croft spoke to Bleeding Cool about how she was recruited, moving on to SNW, honoring the franchise's[...]
star trek
Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard isn't the only franchise series ending its run, as fans of Star Trek: Discovery learned back in March Though principal photography had wrapped, reports at the time were that the streaming series was expected to undergo some additional filming ahead of its 2024 return Now, we're getting an update on how[...]
section 31
With "Discovery" still having one more season to go, we have "Strange New Worlds" returning this Summer and new seasons of "Lower Decks" & "Prodigy," too And we can't help but feel a little optimistic about there being something to the buzz surrounding "Picard" Showrunner & EP Terry Matalas and his "Star Trek: Legacy" concept[...]
Max is the official new name for the combined streaming service for HBO Max and Discovery+, as many had speculated it would be The announcement was made this afternoon, and a plethora of announcements are forthcoming about all kinds of exciting projects you can read about over the next couple of hours here on BC[...]
star trek
Along with the currently streaming third & final season of Star Trek: Picard, Paramount+ announced that Star Trek: Discovery would be ending its run when it debuts its fifth season in early 2024 While the streamer promises that the series will be honored throughout the year as a lead-up to the premiere of its final[...]
star trek
Following on the heels of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard ending its run after three seasons, the streaming service confirmed that Star Trek: Discovery will end in early 2024 with its upcoming fifth season Based on the official description released, "the fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S[...]
Million Dollar Wheels: Jacqueline Pirkle Living the Hollywood Dream
Her big break came in the form of executive producer and Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx and his Discovery+ reality series Million Dollar Wheels, which is about high-end clients looking to purchase luxury vehicles in Los Angeles starring Rd Whittington, Chadwick Hopkins, and Melissa D Perry Pirkle spoke to Bleeding Cool about her appearance on[...]
South Park, Velma, Ted Lasso, The Nevers & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery star Ian Alexander discussing Gray Tal's new life, Joss Whedon's The Nevers returning on Tubi with all 12 episodes, HBO Max's Velma reportedly starting work already on the second season, Apple TV+'s Jason Sudeikis-starring Ted Lasso (maybe) having a life beyond Season 3 after all,[...]
“Scavengers” — Ep#306 — Pictured: Anthony Rapp as Lt. Paul Stamets, Ian Alexander as Gray and Blu del Barrio as Adira of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/CBS ©2020 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Ian Alexander's Gray Tal is in a unique situation in the Star Trek universe as a character once thought dead as a one-time Trill host but who finds new life in an artificial body in season four of Discovery Once just a voice inside Blu del Barrio's Adira, Gray is able not only to interact[...]
star trek
So how about some good news for fans of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery? It's only fair considering how patient they've been since that preview for the fifth season hit their senses back in October, along with a trio of new additions to the cast (more on that below) But this time around, EP & C0-Showrunner[...]
star trek day
And as you're about to see, the day will feature a look back to honor the past while also looking to the future with current series, such as "Strange New Worlds," "Discovery," "Picard, and more. Image: Screencap Now here's a look at the official trailer for "Star Trek Day," followed by an overview of what fans can[...]
Star Trek Day to Feature Paramount+ Shows & Nichelle Nichols Tribute
The franchise has enjoyed a resurgence in the world of streaming since the premiere of Discovery in 2017. Cr: Star Trek / Paramount+ Hosting the festivities are Lower Decks stars Tawny Newsome (Ensign Beckett Mariner) and Paul F Tompkins (Migleemo/Hyde), who also host the podcast Star Trek: The Pod Directive Kicking off the red carpet event are[...]
hbo max
Discovery! I would say we need to talk, but you might need to listen more than anything after that sh*t show of a presentation you had regarding the HBO Max merger on Thursday First off, congrats to whatever sexist middle school boy made your PowerPoint presentation, it truly gives off "whelp, it's done" energy[...]