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Discovery! I would say we need to talk, but you might need to listen more than anything after that sh*t show of a presentation you had regarding the HBO Max merger on Thursday First off, congrats to whatever sexist middle school boy made your PowerPoint presentation, it truly gives off "whelp, it's done" energy[...]
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But what about Paramount+'s Sonequa Martin-Green-starring Star Trek: Discovery, expected to hit streaming screens in 2023 after having been renewed back in January of this year? Well, have no fear because series showrunner & executive producer Michelle Paradise is sharing some on-set looks at the ship from Paradise's self-described wanderings "And for those of you[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Star Sonequa Martin-Green on Journey to Captain
To say Michael Burnham's journey to be captain in season four of Star Trek: Discovery would be an understatement allowing star Sonequa Martin-Green to shine in so many ways Marking Paramount+'s launch in the UK, the actress spoke with Total Film on her first season officially in the captain's chair, Burnham's growth, Tilly, and season five[...]
Trixie Motel: Discovery+ Series Prides Itself On Renewal [Review]
Discovery+ series, Trixie Motel, is something I've been anticipating for a while up until its recent release in Pride month The reality motel reconstruction series has brought a mixture of drag and renovation together as Trixie Mattel and partner, David Silver, work on a dream coming true in Palm Springs, California. Source: Trixie Motel/TwitterTrixie Motel brings a lot to the[...]
Trixie Motel: Discovery+ Original Reality Series Arrives June 3rd
Summer will be off to a great start on June 3rd when Discovery+ original series, Trixie Motel, premieres on the streaming platform. Glamorous drag superstar, Trixie Mattel, will expand her outrageously fun empire into the hospitality industry, erecting the "gaggiest, most iconic motel that has ever existed" in her new discovery+ series Trixie Motel. Source: Trixie Mattel/Twitter Available to[...]
DC To Get A Complete Overhaul Before Sell Off
Discovery is looking at "turning DC into its own solidified content vertical". DC Logo What does this mean? Is this a new phrase for DC's vertical webtoon comics? Probably not But right now Warners has made or licensed DC TV shows for other companies, rather than keeping it all in the Warners/DC/CW/HBO house[...]
Undercover Underage: ID Series Aims To Unveil Online Predators
The work of SOSA & Roo Powell will continue to be shown as Discovery+ has given Undercover Underage the greenlight for a second season The compelling, intense & critical docuseries follows the work of Powell who poses online as underage decoys, working to identify the internet's most dangerous child predators for law enforcement. Source: Investigation Discovery A previous[...]
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But what's the worst thing that could ever be leveled at someone who already is Ted Cruz? We were even going to ask how he was able to find time between fleeing Texas whenever the state's power grid goes offline after two mosquitoes hit a bug zapper at the same time and offering pre-emptive apologies[...]
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The season four finale of Star Trek: Discovery felt as classic, on-brand, and powerful as any season finale in the franchise's history Most times it involves hostile threats and most times, the way to deal with them is some kind of brute force or cunning in an effort to destroy This time, we have a[...]
Star Trek: Discovery S04 Finale Images: Can Earth & Ni'Var Be Saved?
As much of a cliche as it may be to say, for the fourth season of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery it really all comes down to this In the season-ender "Coming Home" (ominous in so many ways), Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and her select crew aboard the Discovery have one last shot at making some kind[...]
Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 E12 Review: Tig Notaro Tour-de-Force
As time is running out on Earth and Ni'Var, the latest episode of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery is about making those precious initial steps count for first contact in the episode aptly titled "Species Ten-C" Tensions are obviously at an all-time high as the U.S.S Discovery along with the Starfleet delegate of their best minds[...]
Star Trek: Discovery S04E12 Preview: Last Attempt at a First Contact?
While it was great to hear that Paramount+ had renewed Star Trek: Discovery for a fifth season back in January, it's really this week and next week that matter the most for the series Because while the news may have confirmed the show's future, this week's episode "Species Ten-C" and next week's season finale will[...]
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As time starts to run out for the Federation, the crew is doing everything it can to communicate with Unknown Species 10-C in the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery With two more episodes and the U.S.S Discovery going beyond the great barrier, they stumble upon a desolate planet of unknown origin that might harbor[...]
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Are they dropping fewer clips or preview images than they usually do? Or are they only showing you visuals from just one storyline instead of all of the plot threads in-play? In the case of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery S04E11 "Rosetta," it's definitely the former with only a trio of images to share this time[...]
Undercover Underage: BC Talks With Roo Powell On ID Series & SOSA
Episodes of the series can be found on Discovery+ and weekly on Thursdays on I.D at 9 PM EST/PST. Roo Powell Source: Discovery+ Bleeding Cool: "Undercover Underage" addresses the often overlooked topic of predatory behavior from adult men towards young girls online What made you want to investigate this issue and ultimately assist law enforcement in uncovering[...]