The Last of Us: Stephen King Questions HBO Series Over Boston Claims

Though he "liked it fine," famed author Stephen King is questioning where Boston is located in the universe of HBO's The Last of Us S01E03.

When it comes to the third episode of Neil Druckmann & Craig Mazin's Pedro Pascal (Joel) & Bella Ramsey (Ellie)-starring The Last of Us, we have what might be the best single episode of any series this year. And it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that "Long Long Time" should earn Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett some serious awards consideration. But even in perfection, some can find flaws. And that "flaw" apparently came in the form of an establishing shot that supposedly set the scene "10 Miles West of Boston" that… well, it apparently wasn't anywhere near Boston. One of the dead giveaways? The mountains in the backdrop, with the questionable geography being called out across social media. And caught the attention of famed author Stephen King, who took to Twitter to voice his "curiosity."

the last of us
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Although he "liked it fine," here's a look at the question that King asked that we're pretty sure won't end with, "Why, it was 8.5 miles west of Boston":

To kick off the week, we had a sneak preview of what's to come this weekend with S01E04 "Please Hold My Hand" (directed by Jeremy Webb and written by Mazin). Along with that, we have a look behind the scenes at S01E03 "Long Long Time" as Mazin, Druckmann, Offerman & Bartlett discuss fleshing out for the series what the game didn't offer regarding Bill & Frank. After that, we have the latest episode of "The Last of Us Podcast," where host Troy Baker and Mazin & Druckmann discuss departing from the game for the sake of the series, why Offerman & Bartlett were perfect casting decisions, and an easter egg referencing the game that's waiting for viewers at the end of the episode:

A Look at HBO's The Last of Us

Based on the critically acclaimed video game developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for the PlayStation platforms, the story takes place twenty years after modern civilization has been destroyed. Joel (Pascal), a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie (Ramsey), a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone to the Fireflies, a cure-searching organization. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey as they both traverse across the U.S. & depend on each other for survival.

Joining Pascal and Ramsey are Gabriel Luna (Tommy, Joel's younger brother), Nico Parker (Sarah), Merle Dandridge (resistance leader Marlene), Jeffrey Pierce (Perry), Anna Torv (Tess), Nick Offerman (Bill), Murray Bartlett (Frank), and Storm Reid (Riley Abel). Lamar Johnson & Keivonn Woodard have also joined the cast, with Graham Greene & Elaine Miles set to guest star as characters original to the series (and not the video game). In addition, video game franchise voice actors Ashley Johnson & Troy Baker (Ellie & Joel in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II video games) will also be appearing in the series.

The Last of Us: Stephen King Questions HBO Series Over Boston Claims
Image: HBO

Written by Mazin and Druckmann with Kantemir Balagov (Beanpole, Closeness) directing the pilot, the series is set to be executive produced by Carolyn Strauss (Chernobyl, Game of Thrones), Naughty Dog's Evan Wells, PlayStation Productions' Asad Qizilbash & Carter Swan, Mazin, and Druckmann. The series is a co-production with Sony Pictures Television, with PlayStation Productions, Word Games, and Naughty Dog producing. Academy Award nominee Jasmila Žbanić (Quo vadis, Aida) and Ali Abbasi (Border) join pilot-director Balagov in the director's chair.

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