Vampiro Doc Nail in the Coffin Hitting Theaters, VOD in September

A new wrestling documentary is hitting theaters for a limited run next month before coming to video on demand and digital the following week. Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro follows the career of the titular Mexican wrestling legend, Vampiro. Directed by Michael Paszt, the 88-minute documentary will be released by Epic Pictures in theaters on Friday, September 4th, before coming to VOD and digital on Tuesday, September 8th.

The official movie poster for Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro
The official movie poster for Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro

Semi-retired professional wrestler Ian Hodgkinson reveals the harsh realities behind the glamour of being in the world of wrestling as the infamous 'Vampiro'. A Lucha Libre legend, Hodgkinson tells the astonishing story about his meteoric rise to fame in the 90's and how it almost killed him. Yet none of that was as back-breaking as his current life – working behind-the-scenes as the Director of Talent for Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico City and Lucha Underground in Los Angeles, while simultaneously raising his teenage daughter Dasha in remote Northern Canada as a single parent.

Unlike many professional wrestling documentaries before, director Michael Paszt has constructed a fascinating and heartfelt look at a wrestler who has overcome and continues to battle with physical injuries, sexual abuse, and drug addiction. Not to mention the wild stories of working for Milli Vanilli, and wrestling alongside the punk rock band The Misfits – Vampiro's stories are multi-faceted and completely enthralling.

Told through an engrossing collection of home videos and personal interviews with his closest friends and family, NAIL IN THE COFFIN is an intimate and genuine look into a single father grappling with fame, the pressures of professional and personal responsibilities, and his own mortality.

Nail in the coffin will be available to watch on the following platforms on September 8th: In-demand | Comcast | Spectrum | Charter | Dish | Sling TV | Vubiquity | iTunes | Google Play | Vudu | Xbox | YouTube | Amazon | Fandango Now | DirecTV | Breaker | Alamo On Demand.

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