43 Thoughts About 43 Of Today's Comics – Batman And Robin To Crossed +100


The organisers of both London Supercon and the MCM London Expo who both use the Excel Centre in London should race to get the use of today's The Wicked & The Divine.

Image (65)Superior Iron Man has Daredevil expose the inverted Tony Stark's evil machinations, as he monitors and controls an entire city through his naughtiness – and ingested foreign bodies taken without the participation's knowledge…

Image (55)

Apparently it's okay for Batman to ends up doing pretty much the same thing with his son in Batman And Robin.

Image (30)

In Captain America And The Mighty Avengers, coming to terms wit Cap's own recently inverted inversion, we discover that Marvel's Fox News analogue is a string supporter of Frank Castle. Of course.

Image (26)

Guardians Of The Galaxy discover that the Venom symbiote is part of a long and noble tradition of symbiotic lifeforms who only with to do good. So yes, stuff goes wrong, clearly. Consider this a tea party allegory for Big Liberal government…


Image (25)

And in Rocket Raccoon, awwwwwww….


Wild Blue Yonder #6

There the yearning of loss in Wild Blue Yonder #6 as well. More dogs should wear scarves, I think.


God Is Dead #27 finds its equivalent of the soup nazi. "No drugs for you!"


Uber #21 just has your actual down-to-earth Nazi. You can tell he's a baddie, he's got an eyeball on his cap. And now, on the floor as well.


There are lots of reasons to love the new Crossed +100 #2 out today (with an interview with writer Alan Moore in today's Bleeding Cool Magazine as well)  but the beginning, with the survivors of the future looking at the irrelevent fiction of the past with JRR Tolkein getting mixed in with George RR Martin


leading to the title for the second chapter…


I did like that.


Crossed Badlands #70 just blows shit up. A lot. Things fall apart, the centre can explode.

Image (24)

Batman Eternal beats up on modern costume design with Bluebird.

Image (23)

As Batwoman continues to discover that all lesbians in comics end up becoming vampires. It, apparently is just the way it is.

Layout 1

Twilight Zone: Shadow And Substance should probably watch out for that as well. I think it's infectious. Talking of which, remember Batman's original declaration that "criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot… I shall become a bat?"


Yes that one. Well, in today's Justice League..

Image (50)

They take it a little more literally.

Image (18)

Batman beyond drops a truth bomb from the future. It's really hard to argue with hindsight.

Image (17)

The new Power Girl does seem rather intent on turning the New Teen Titans into X-Force. Oh wait, sorry, that was New Mutants. My bad.

Image (15)

You know, Wonder Woman, people wouldn't talk about it quite so much if you didn't keep going on about it yourself as well. Such as in last week's Superman/Wonder Woman

Image (51)

The lady doth protest too much. Now, what is it that made Thor so unworthy to lift Mjolnir? Loki has a theory…

Image (14)

It's as good as any that I've come up with. Is this what Nick Fury told Thor he had actually done?


Works for me.


Netflix is probably down. The Amazing World of Gumball #7 finds a new hobby.

The-Valiant-Crop_Page_4 And he's the best he is at what he does now that a certain someone is in Jabba The Hutt's palace. Bloodshot shot in The Valiant #2.

Timewalker-Crop_Page_2I knew him, Horatio! Ivar, Timewalker #1 takes out history with a quip and a bullet. Go on, do Pol Pot next.


These week, Rise of the Magi #5 examines class differences. Also monsters in disguise. Because it's the same thing! Do you see?

ZvR #1

Zombies vs. Robots #1 does seem to have a rather effective battle cry. Rick Grimes? We could do with a little more of this.

Transformers #37

Transformers #37 gives us a rather misandrist Transformer all of a sudden. I still love that all it takes is a dark pink on the lips and a lighter one on the bodysuit.

TMNT New Animated ADventures #19

TMNT New Animated Adventures #19 gets a bro-verload.


Star Trek Planet of the Apes #2

Star Trek Planet of the Apes #2 gives us our Charlton Heston moment with William Shatner. I think they two would have been indistinguishable.


I'm not quite sure that Edith has got the hang of the comparative allegory in Sons Of Anarchy #17 but I don't think anyone would want it any other way.


Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #3 shows a similar relationship between man and owl, as fantasy gets a little touch of human anachronism.


And glad to see that, even when disembodied, Dead Letters #7 ensures that everyone wears their seat belt. Safety first!

Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra #1

Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra #1 reveals DC's latest Watchmen merchandise line, semi-automatic weaponry.

They'd do it. They did toasters.

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 1.52.16 PM

Charmed: Season 10 #4 has fun with magical hamster wheels. Everyone keep rolling… say I know someone who could do with one of those.

D&D Legends of Baldur's Gate #4

Baldur's Gate has a hamster with a better way of getting around.

Bigger Bang #3

Bigger Bang #3 – just get a hamster wheel, mate!

Samurai Jack #16

Confetti or graffiti, someone has to clean it up. Also all the disembowelled bodies that samurai leave all over the place too, I suppose. Courtesy of Samurai Jack #16.

Layout 1Red Sonja: Black Tower #4 proves the positive reinforcement of pillow talk. And that all men are egotistical dicks.

reynThough some, as in the anachronistic fantasy Reyn, launching from Image today, have reason to be.


When zeta asked "Who's your mommy?" this was probably not the answer she was expecting, in Rocket Salvage #.

Layout 1

Vampirella: Feary Tales #4 fights rather gingerly….



Burning Fields #1, the launch of new miniseries by the creative team behind Curse (Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, and Colin Lorimer) gives us a new game for this ear's Burning Man doesn't it? Play "Se7en in the desert", everyone has to guess what's in the box…


Lumberjanes #10 featuring the debut of fill-in artist Carolyn Nowak have their own games to play.

Millennium #1

And Millennium #1 looks like it's starting off with a game of hide and seek…

dark gods

Dark Gods has a similar take on that game, just with a slightly more visceral impact.

So… what did you pick up today?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently running a discount store sale in their gallery…


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