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Crossed's Birthday and Uber Invasion: Avatar Press Solicits for July 2018

You know what one of the perks of being owned by a comic book publisher is? Well, that they constantly forget to tell us what they are up to, leading us to having to search the internet. Such as their retail side Comics Cavalcade having Avatar Press's solicits for July 2018. Without, like, telling us. […]

Crossed Badlands Ends With #100 – Avatar's July 2016 Solicits

Who would have thought it would be Avatar Press who would send two years showing DC Comics what a twice-monthly on-time comic with the same creators as solicited could look like? Crossed: Badlands comes to an end in July with its 100th issue written by Netflix Daredevil's Christos Gage, but as for the future of […]

Crossed Badlands And The "Social Justice Warrior"

Crossed is the franchise series created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows for Avatar Press. They both return to to it occasionally but have other series they work on. Tomorrow sees a new issue of Code Pru and of War Stories from Ennis, and Providence from Burrows. But Crossed Badlands continues apace, a bi-weekly series […]

(SPOILER) Tomorrow's Mercury Heat Launches An Unannounced Crossover

Crossovers are a funny thing. Two media properties smashed together in an attempt to get the fanbases of both reading, and some passerby rubberneckers as well. Usually it's advisable to tell people that such a crossover is happening though. Like retailers. Or retailers. Or, I don't know, the news/rumour website that you actually own. Well, […]

Max Bemis Brings The Most Savage Comic Store Satire You've Seen In Crossed Badlands

You thought that the Big Bang Theory comic store episodes were a little below the belt? That Eltingville was as savage a satire on comic shop society that you could ever see? Then you didn't read Max Bemis and German Erramouspe's first issue of Crossed Badlands last week, published by Bleeding Cool's own publisher Avatar. To […]

Why Si Spurrier's Crossed +100 Is Like Neil Gaiman's Miracleman

Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade finished their first arc of Crossed +100, the Crossed story set a hundred years in the future. And, in this changed world with a language as unfamiliar to us, as we would sound to those in Elizabethan England, with a Crossed or "churchfaced" population having died out, or self selected so […]

Garth Ennis' War Stories Back In Print In Avatar Press Solicitations For August 2015

Here are Avatar Press solcitations, from the upcoming June Previews, shipping for August 2015. Comics from Garth Ennis, Si Spurrier, Justin Jordan, Mike Costa, David Lapham, Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer... what's not to love? WAR STORIES 01 TPB NEW EDITION $24.99 Writer: Garth Ennis Art: Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, David Lloyd, Chris Weston MR, Color, 240 […]

43 Thoughts About 43 Of Today's Comics

Another week, another fat stack of comic books. So what are you looking forward to? And what are you not? And you thought a dragon's fire came from his mouth – Pastaways keeps throwing perspective shifting scenes at the reader, in an eternal double take of a comic book.   From Batman Eternal #51, Stephanie […]

Avatar Press Solicitations For June 2015 – Si Spurrier Joins Crossed +100

The big news from Avatar in June, and talked about at the weekend's London Super Comic-Con is that Si Spurrier, the author of Crossed: Wish You Were Here is writing an arc of Alan Moore's Crossed +100 series from his notes. And Alan Moore's Providence jumps in size to a 40 page comic without ads. […]

43 Thoughts About 43 Comics – From Leonard Nimoy To Stjepan Šejić

From the Star Trek New Visions #5 fumetti by John Byrne, out today. Aw man…. When I reviewed Nameless #1, I called it "Sandman meets Armageddon". Got pullquoted and everything Well Grant Morrison appears to have a different perspective… The Big Con Job #1 launches, as ex-Newsarama founder Matt Brady get a few things out […]

The Crossed DOA Webcomic Reaches Its Very Bloody Conclusion

The new webcomic episode of Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete's Crossed DOA is ready and waiting for you.  And the previous 11 chapters are ready to be caught up with. One's sins will catch up with you and as we reach the end, we revisit the beginning… As well as the regular request to consider donating […]

The Ascent Of Psychopath – Garth Ennis' Latest Crossed Webcomic

The new webcomic episode of Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete's Crossed DOA has just hit. Looking into the psychopathic mindset of our lead character – as we have been teased by what exactly he is planning to do, in order to survive. As well as the regular request to consider donating to the Crossed DOA webisodes and […]

Crossed Day Is Coming April 15th

The fourth annual Crossed Day is going to be April 15th (Tax day here in the U.S.). And for the first time the event will be centered on a writer other than the series creator Garth Ennis. Uber writer Kieron Gillen scripts Crossed: Badlands #75 which will be hitting stores that day. The new story […]

Today's Batman Reads Like Crossed – And Joker Gets A Retcon

There may be no Crossed Badlands or Crossed +100 comics published today. And the webcomic Crossed: DOA comes out tomorrow. But today's Batman feels like you don't miss a beat. I think Scott Snyder really likes Crossed. But probably hasn't time to write it outside of his other work-for-hire commitments. But that's okay. That's what […]