A Comic Show – From Orlando, Running A Night-Long Fund Raiser

 Aaron Haaland writes from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida,

Hey Fandom! It's been a challenging week here in Orlando. Some of our employees and customers lost friends at Pulse. We are regrouping and doing a massive benefit here this Saturday with 100% of the proceeds going to Pulse victims and their families. Check it out here, it'll be live streaming on Twitch as well.

This week's books were a treat! Rebirth continues to impress and delight me. Titans Rebirth is my top pick for Wally West, but Justice League #51 leads into it and was superb. Batman #1 by King rocked me, I'm totally sold on seeing what he does with these new Gotham heroes.

Superman #1 features Clark in the Pa Kent role, and it works. Green Lanterns and Green Arrow #1 both continued their fan pleasing new directions. Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade one-shot is a prelude to the original Dark Knight Returns and heavily features Jason Todd Robin and The Joker! Don't pass it up.

Marvel's Civil War II #2 has me seeing Tony's side more. Civil War X-Men has their choice for a future. and Vote Loki #1 is some fun with politics. Han Solo #1 has him back to being a smuggler after helping the Rebellion. He was right on his way to pay Jabba back, but got a little sidetracked.

Several new collections came out as well as independent books, watch the video. I talk about them.

Thanks guys!

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