A Surprising Encounter With Source Point Press At MegaCon Orlando 2017

From Senior Boricua Correspondent Marco Lopez:

So, I'm going, to be honest. I had no intentions of interviewing Source Point Press. Not because I didn't want to or because I don't like what they're doing — I think they're fantastic. I just had no idea they were going to be at MegaCon in the first place.

It wasn't until I was in the middle of talking to comic book creator/writer Martin Dunn that I was introduced to Joshua Werner, co-founder and art director of Source Point Press, and Kasey Pierce, writer of the comic Nora and the novel Pieces of Madness.

And after having interviewed them, I'm glad that I did. Source Point Press is a company that should be on your radar, and Pierce is a creator whose work you should be picking up. Give the interview below a listen and check out the fun Bleeding Cool video bumper they let us shoot with them.

Marco Lopez is the co-owner of the website Atomic Rex Entertainment, where you can find the web comic Massively Effective, which Marco describes as Bill and Ted in tights. Also hosted on the site is Marco's web strip series Orion's Belt that follows a family of adventurers in space, and his anthology series A Shot of Whiskey. Marco has also written for Zenescope Entertainment and Lion Forge Comics.

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