An Early Look at Silk Hills, Out in June from Oni Press

It's Friday, and you know what that (usually) means: time for your old pal Jude Terror to beef up his article count for the week by publishing the weekly comics previews. But this week, there's a problem, and that problem's name is Rich Johnston. Having discovered a glitch in ComiXology, that rat bastard has been publishing the Marvel previews all week, depriving us of our easy weekend article fodder. As a result, we've had to… expand our horizons! So here's a preview of Silk Hills by Ryan Ferrier, Brian Level, and Kate Sherron, hitting stores on June 15th with a final order cutoff of this Monday. We'll never forgive you for this, Rich.

Silk Hills
(W) Ryan Ferrier, Brian Level (A) Kate Sherron
When Beth Wills comes to Silk Hills, a small Appalachian town that's seen better days since the mines were abandoned, she expected a bit of culture shock… But not like this! Beth is someone who has a talent for finding people who don't want to be found, and when she's called to Silk Hills by a local titan of industry, she can tell that something's not right. Little does she know…
Silk Hills was once booming, but the only reason people tend to come through town anymore is to buy Mothman merchandise. Before long, Beth finds out just how wrong things can get in the woods, as her search for a missing troubled youth finds her running afoul of the local drug trade, too-friendly creepers, a very sinister deer, and psychoactive moth dust.
Final order cutoff: 5/16/2022
On sale date: 6/15/2022

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