Captain Lars Stars in "Epic, Mind-Bending Adventure" for February's Steven Universe #25

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed their plans for the milestone 25th issue  of the Steven Universe comic book: an "epic new storyline" featuring fan-favorite space hero Lars of the Stars. Writer Terry Blas and artist Gabriele Bagnoli reveal Lars and the Off Colors' "hidden truths," as Steven and Connie head to space for "a mind-bending adventure no fan can miss."

From the press release:

Bingo bongo, spacefarers! From slinging donuts in Beach City to swashbuckling his way across the galaxy in a stolen spaceship, Lars has come a long way. And now with the Off Colors as his dependable and devoted crew, he'll travel even further into the cosmos. But how deep is this newfound confidence? And what happens when the entire crew's lives depend on him? Blas and Bagnoli blast us into hyperspace for an out-of-this-world journey into a mysterious nebula that forces our daring cast of gems, humans, and fusions to confront their deepest, darkest fears.

Said Blas:

Steven Universe and its characters have had a great impact on so many, so the opportunity to add to this amazing world was too good to pass up. To be able to breathe life into a story about Lars and the Off Colors, a group of misfits trying to find their confidence and where they belong in the cosmos, is exactly the type of story I enjoy writing.

And Bagnoli:

When I received the proposal to draw this adventure I was enthusiastic! Steven Universe is a series full of crazy things and incredible characters that I love. I really enjoyed drawing it, and I hope the readers will have as much fun as I did while working on this comic book.

And BOOM! Editor Matthew Levine:

There's so much left to discover about this new space pirate version of Lars and the rest of the crew. We're excited to give fans a story that shows new facets and sheds new light on these uniquely fascinating characters. Sometimes it takes a death-defying adventure into the darkest recesses of the universe to confront what's hidden inside.

With a main cover by Missy Peña and a variant by Francesca Perrone, Steven Universe #25 hits stores on February 27th.

Captain Lars Stars in "Epic, Mind-Bending Adventure" for February's Steven Universe #25

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