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Jason Aaron Has A New Comic Book Project From Boom Studios
Oh, expect Boom Studios to be crowing about this one Jason Aaron, writer of Marvel's Avengers titles, who write Jane Foster as Thor as well as Ghost Rider, Wolverine, X-Men, Star Wars, Punisher, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Conan and more, also has creator-owned comic books Scalped and The Other Side from DC Comics and Southern Bastards,[...]
NYCC: Specs, A New Queer Comic About Magical Glasses For Pride Month
But now, a year later, it is being published in November 2023 by a different publisher, Boom Studios Descrived as "a mysterious new series from highly acclaimed writer David M Booher (Canto, All-New Firefly), artist Chris Shehan (House of Slaughter) and colourist Roman Stevens, about a group of misfit teens who mail-order a pair of[...]
Boom Unlocks Stuff Of Nightmares #1 Fear Street Homage Variant
Back in June, Boom Studios announced they would be publishing bestselling author and cultural icon R.L Stine's "first horror comic for grown-ups" – Stuff of Nightmares in September Near as we can tell, Stuff of Nightmares is also Stine's first creator-owned comic book series following his creator-owned original graphic novel series, Just Beyond, which was[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 Cards Homage Rob Liefeld X-Force #1
As Bleeding Cool first reported back in April when publisher Boom Studios kicked off their "Charge to 100" event, next month that charge will finally reach its conclusion Thanks to the use of "legacy numbering," Boom's current two series featuring everyone's favorite "teenagers with attitude" – Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers – are recombining into[...]
Grim #3 Review: Not A Note Of Discord So Far
Grim #3 from Boom Studios (you may remember them from announcing the return of Irredeemable as a stretch goal) continues the series' strong forward momentum. Cover to Grim #3, courtesy of Boom Studios The interplay between artist Flaviano and colorist Rico Renzi remains Grim's most reliable calling card They set up a visual language such that the change[...]
Retailer Lunch Boom Studios
No sign of Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite though, as well as Marvel it's just AfterShock, Valiant and Boom Studios sponsoring this It appeared that Bleeding Cool were the only press who have turned up, with Jimmy Leszczynski and his son, Jimmy Leszczynski I think there were numbers in those names You can read all about[...]
Auto Draft
As promised in the Diamond Retailer Lunch held earlier today, Keanu Reeves had much to show off about his comic book BRZRKR with Matt Kindt and Ron Garney for Boom Studios, and its journey to becoming a movie with screenwriter Mattson Tomlin in his Hall H panel later that day So much so, that you[...]
Will Jeremy Haun Beat His Boom Studiod Record With The Approach?
And while some publishers have scaled back or stepped back from SDCC, Boom Studios is not one of them If their press releases are any indication and exclusive announcements are any indication, they plan to make the most of the return of what they used to call Nerd Prom, but no one has said that[...]
Mark Waid’s Irredeemable Returns On Kickstarter
Yesterday, publisher Boom Studios dropped a pre-San Diego Comic-Con teaser proclaiming Mark Waid was still evil – a clear call back to the successful marketing campaign that launched Irredeemable back in 2009 Bleeding Cool worked out what the teaser could be for, and it looks like one of our predictions has already come true, because[...]
Mark Waid to Announce New Irredeemable from Boom at SDCC 2022
San Diego Comic-Con is less than two weeks away, and the publisher press releases are already flying – with Boom Studios kicking off the week with what looks to be big news… Mark Waid to Announce New Irredeemable from Boom at SDCC 2022 Hot off a fully-fledged, runaway hit at DC with World's Finest, could writer Mark[...]
Who Will Succeed Boris Johnson? Once & Future #27 Prepares (Spoilers)
Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain series from Boom Studios is Once & Future And no, no one knows how Mora and Bonvillain are getting out all the Batman and Superman comics as well as this one It must be magic The comic has played out British myths of a variety of descriptions from[...]
Jon Moisan & Shantel LaRocque Join Boom Studios
At the time I reported that "my Bleeding Cool antennae tell me that he might be doing a reverse-Arune Singh and moving from Skybound Entertainment to Boom Studios, who have been hiring and promoting a fair few people recently." And so it has transpired Late last night, Boom Studios announced that it has hired two new editors[...]
Something Is Killing The Children #25 Has $120,000 Orders
But Grim wasn't the only Boom Studios title retailers went big on last week as Slaughter's flagship title, James Tynion IV and Werther Dell'Edera's Something Is Killing The Children, saw a massive spike in orders with issue #25. Final orders for the landmark Something Is Killing The Children #25 closed this past Monday and put the[...]
Greg Hopkins & Manny Castellanos Hired By Boom Studios
Boom Studios announced today that it has promoted and hired several employees in the Sales and Marketing teams And there were some familiar faces all around. Greg Hopkins & Manny Castellanos from Boom Studios Greg Hopkins has joined as Boom Studios' Retail Sales Coordinator Hopkins joins Boom Studios after owning a comic shop , producing and distributing comic[...]