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Jeremy Bastian's Cursed Pirate Girl finally returns to comic books with a new series from Boom Studios, The Devil's Cave As well as a new Angel series and more Buffyverse, Fireflyverse, Power Rangers, Wynd, Once And Future, Regarding The Matter Of Oswald's Body, Seven Secrets and much more in Boom Studios' January 2022 solicits and[...]
Power Rangers, Boom Studios, Kyle Higgins and Kickstarter Royalties
In January, Boom Studios ran a Kickstarter to fund the collection of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic books And they raised over $804,000 from 1584 backers And as part of the Kickstarter, they stated; Power Rangers, Boom Studios, Kyle Higgins and Kickstarter Royalties The amazing comic book stories we've published and are making available in this pre-order[...]
Jennifer Harned is New Chief Financial Officer of Boom Studios
Boom Studios has announced that it has appointed Jennifer Harned as Chief Financial Officer She joins the company in a strategic leadership role, while directly overseeing the company's finance department President of the sound streaming platform, she's worked as Financial Systems Administrator at Guitar Center for over two years, and in Financial Planning at[...]
Lumberjanes Co-Creator Shannon Watters Quits Boom Studios
Shannon Watters, co-creator of Lumberjanes at Boom Studios, just tweeted out the big news, stating "Hello pals! As of a few weeks ago, I am no longer a senior editor at BOOM! Studios Wild! Exciting! I'm now sniffing around for new opportunities in writing and editing for the first time in a long while I'm[...]
Boom Studios To Launch We Are Slayer Buffy Event
Morgan Perry, Retail Sales Lead for Boom Studios (and major roller derby participant) ran the presentation at this week's Diamond Retail Summit, talking about their upcoming comic books and their relationship with retailers And after continually comparing the comic book industry and being a comic book retailer to roller derby at length, stretching the metaphor[...]
James Tynion’s House of Slaughter #1 Nets Nearly 500,000 Copies
Many could have predicted this launch would launch higher than Something Is Killing The Children in 2019 or Wynd, his other series with Boom Studios, given Tynion's star has only risen since Some might have predicted it would beat The Department of Truth's 100,000 copy launch at creator-owned rival Image and possibly even DC Black[...]
Buffy Summers In Her Fifties In Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Comic
Well, it seems that Boom Studios may be looking ahead with their new comic book mini-series launching in December by Casey Gilly and Joe Jaro with Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer, with Buffy Summers still fighting the good fight, but in her fifties With the sun blotted out in a magical catastrophe, that makes for[...]
Hunter Gorinson Quits Bad Idea To Head Boom' Business Development
Back in 2018, we called former Valiant Marketing VP Hunter Gorinson "one of the industry's smartest and most highly valued PR and marketing pros." Boom Studios appears to second that notion because they've just announced that Gorinson has boarded the company in a new role, Vice President of Business Development, where he will "originate new[...]
Auto Draft
Theis morning, Bleeding Cool ran the Boom Studios November 2021 solicitations, with one question that has not been answered Who is the writer of Power Rangers Universe #1 scheduled for December? They were listed as TBA on the solicitation, which was rather curious, especially as Boom Studios seem to know an awful lot about the[...]
Mighty Morphin #10 Spoiler Cover Revealed (Spoilers)
And this week sees Boom Studios publish Mighty Morphin #10, with a bunch of variant covers that have been seen like his own 1:50 variant cover. Mighty Morphin #10 – not a spoiler cover … but it seems it might have changed between solicitation and publication and may be a little more… revelatory than initially planned The[...]
Has Anyone Lucked Into The Rarest Boom Studios Variant Yet?
With retailer incentives and other variant covers from recent Boom Studios series like Something Is Killing The Children, Basilisk, Magic, and BRZRKR regularly posting big sales on the aftermarket, it's clear collectors are chasing the publisher's rare cover offering as investment and for their collections Boom's comics frequent appearances in influencer videos like the #1[...]
Boom To Publish Dune: A Whisper Of C
So, why do we bring this up now? Because, announced at Comic-Con@Home, A Whisper of Caladan Seas is now going to be adapted into a Boom Studios 40-page one-shot Dune comic book, out on Wednesday, the 29th of December, drawn and painted by Jakub Rebelka of Namesake and Origins. And on the Dune panel at Comic-Con @[...]