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From Dick Grayson To Mamo - Sas Milledge's New Comic From Boom
She is the artist of The Lost Carnival: A Dick Grayson Graphic Novel from DC Comics, but now has a new comic coming from Boom Studios – Mamo. Sas Milledge's Mamo From Boom Mamo is a five-issue comic book series about a young hedge witch who returns to her hometown after her grandmother's death, only to find an[...]
Purchase The BOOM! Studios Humble Comic Bundle Starting Today
Do you want to get a bunch of great comics from BOOM! Studios and know that your money is going to some worthy causes?  Well, I have some good news for you!  Starting today, Humble Bundle's newest comics bundle, Humble Comic Bundle: The Best Year of BOOM! Studios will go live on Humble Bundle through[...]
Next Week Will Be A Monster Week In Comics - If They All Arrive
I reviewed back here, I think it may explode. Boom Studios has BRZRKR, the Keanu Reeves comic, with 2/3 of a million pre-orders. IDW has the second issue of Star Wars Adventures: High Republic. Marvel Comics has Peach Momoko's first superhero comics with Demon Days: X-Men launching And the third issue of Star Wars: High Republic[...]
A Message to Retailers from BOOM! Studios
At ComicsPRO's Annual Conference, which is taking place virtually around the world this year, Boom Studios' Filip Sablik and Morgan Perry are just about done delivering their presentation to retailers Boom is anchoring the first morning of publisher presentations, so it'll be interesting to see what other major publishers say later in the conference. A Message[...]
Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Outsells Crossover Before FOC
Will Crossover be able to build up its readership bigger than BRZRKR? Perhaps if the super-secret crossover appearance in issue #4 is Keanu Reeves as BRZRKR? The issue does release on the same day as BRZRKR #1… BRZRKR is the latest in a series of successively bigger launches over the last six months between Boom, the[...]
Multiple Printings From Dark Horse, Boom, Image, Marvel, Scout, Vault
Plenty of comics getting second, third and even fifth printings, Phantom Starkiller from Scout Comics, Ha Ha from Image, Gwenom Vs Carnage and Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel, I Walk With Monsters from Vault and lots for Seven Secrets from Boom Covers where we have them… Phantom Starkiller #1 2nd printing PHANTOM STARKILLER #1 3RD PTG DEC208153 SCOUT COMICS (W) Peter[...]
Power Pack #1 Review:
An Unkindness of Ravens has stood out from BOOM! Studios recent wave of hit creator-owned series in a big way In what sometimes feels like a sea of guaranteed hits by the least edgy, most mainstream, already-proven talent, An Unkindness of Ravens stands out as a unique and raw force of pure creativity With a killer[...]
Boom Studios Full March 2021 Solicitations - Power Rangers Unlimited
Firefly: A Brand New Verse will be created by Josh Lee Gordon and Fabiana Mascolo. Here are the solicitations for the new series as well as the regular Firefly series running alongside it. FIREFLY BRAND NEW VERSE #1 CVR A KHALIDAH BOOM ENTERTAINMENT   JAN210944 (W) Josh Lee Gordon (A) Fabiana Mascolo (CA) Qistina Khalidah Set 20 years after the events[...]
Thank FOC Its Sunday, 6th of December
Will it do better than the last one? Marvel launches Star Wars: The High Republic #1 tying in with all the other High Republic novels, games, merchandise and the like. How did The Union #1 do? #2 is up. How did Thor #10 do? #11 is up. The Last Witch #1 by Conor McCreery and Vv Glass is coming[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
Credit: BOOM! Studios Yeah, it turns out they can. An Unkindness of Ravens #2 is the first time in a while that I had to look back and count the pages I'd read in a comic, shocked to see that I'd already reached the end The story, which sees Wilma enter her second day at a new[...]
Is The Last Witch The Next Wynd?
In what may seem like a million years ago, but was in fact only six months ago, Boom Studios surprised the industry by dropping a surprise "must read" series by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas called Wynd As we reported, it was a rather risky move as the comic market was just resuming distribution,[...]
Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly: 2020 Halloween Special Review
Credit: BOOM! Studios In its first issues, Seven Secrets felt like perhaps the most derivative comic coming out from a major publisher In its third issue, it surprised by giving the reader something to invest in as it delivered a readable, captivating story It finally felt like the story was going somewhere, and that continues with this[...]
Rapper and Reaction Scru Face Jean: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer #19 by writers Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert, artist Ramon Bachs, colorist Raúl Angulo, and letterer Ed Dukeshire, continues BOOM! Studios' reboot of Joss Whedon's iconic series After the misstep of the last issue, which kicked off a new arc, can the team find their footing? Buffy the Vampire Slayer #19 cover[...]
Stillwater #2 Review:
Credit: BOOM! Studios Conceptually, We Only Find Them When They're Dead is strong The first issue featured some of Ewing's best writing ever, and the art by Simone Di Meo is stunning to behold This issue loses the debut's urgency in multiple ways, though, with a narrative that cuts back and forth between two timelines over and[...]
Stillwater #2 Review:
Credit: BOOM! Studios Seven Secrets #3 is the first of the whole series that seems to move the story forward, advance character arcs, and deliver any payoff To say that this issue is an improvement over the first two is an understatement, as so far, the series has only been readable due to the excellent interiors[...]