Comic Store In Your Future: Yet Another 25 Hot Comics in Iowa

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Hello. Welcome back to the latest 25 Hot Comics. In today's world, a back issue could be in a dollar bin one day and then jump ten or more dollars over one announcement.  Such as with the upcoming Black Widow movie and announced Black Adam movie making various back issues hot. The flip side though is a hot back issue may quickly cool off. Prices on back issues may go up and down quickly. Working on these helps me keep up on what is hot and what is not. Without further delay here is the latest on what I have found.

  1. Adventure Comics #462 1979 $50 Death of Earth 2 Batman
  2. All Star Comics #69 1997 $90 1st appearance of Earth 2 Helena Wayne
  3. Batman #570 1999 $23 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in the DCU.
  4. Batman Beyond #6 1999 $52 1st Inque.
  5. Deathstroke the Terminator #15 1992 $15 1st appearance of Rose Wilson.
  6. Detective Comics #474 1977 $40 1st modern appearance of Deadshot
  7. Detective Comics #648 1992 $10 1st appearance of the Spoiler
  8. Edge of Spider-Man #5 2014 $19 Intro of Peni Parker
  9. Flintstones and Pebbles #1 1970 $35 First Charlton appearance of the Flintstones.
  10. Inhumans #5 $44 1999 1st appearance of Yelena Belova, the second Black Widow.
  11. Invincible Iron Man #7 2016 $40 1st appearance of Riri Williams.
  12. Iron Man #118 1979 $40 1st appearance of James Rhodes.
  13. JSA All Stars #4 2003 $15 1st appearance of Courtney Whitmore.
  14. Legion of Monsters #1 1975 $160 1st appearance of the Legion of Monsters
  15. Shazam #25 1976 $50   1st Isis appearance.
  16. Shazam #28 1977 $165 2nd appearance of Black Adam, 1st Bronze age appearance. Good luck getting Black Adam's first appearance in The Marvel Family 1 from 1945!
  17. Star Wars the Clone Wars #1 from Dark Horse 2008 $29.99 1st appearance of Ahsoka Tano.
  18. Star Wars Darth Vader #3 2016 $34 1st appearance of Doctor Aphra
  19. Super Friends #7 1977 $40 1st appearance of the Wonder Twins.
  20. The Hood #1 2002 $23 1st appearance of the Hood.
  21. Thor #412 1989 $23 1st full appearance of the New Warriors.
  22. Thor God of Thunder #25 2014 $19.00 1st appearance of Jane Foster as Thor.
  23. Tomb of Dracula #10 $1,200 1973 1st appearance of Blade.
  24. Wolverine #66 vol 3 2008 $35 Start of the Old Man Logan story line.
  25. Young Avengers #1 2005 $30 1st Kate Bishop.

Lots of rumors out there. One that I would like to see actually come true is with the success of Disney's Mandalorian they would follow that up with Doctor Aphra. That would be a great boon for Marvel comics and show that Disney actually is aware they publish comics. After reading this article about the Lucasfilm President saying making a Star Wars film is difficult due to lack of comics and novels I was quite surprised and disappointed.

Hopefully you have some of these hot comics in your comic collection!

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