ComiXology Goes All in on Goliath Girls with Special Edition, Sam Humphries Sale

If there's one thing we could say is wrong with comics today, it's probably that there isn't enough celebration of Sam Humphries. That's all set to change this week with the release of Humphries and artist Alti Firmansyah's Goliath Girls #2, debuting on comiXology and Amazon prime in English and Japanese on Wednesday. In addition to the second issue, Goliath Girls #1 is getting a "Special Edition", which means they're going to add in lots of unnecessary CGI and make it so that Greedo shoots at the same time as… wait, sorry, it's actually essentially a director's cut, with "never-before-seen process art, character development, script pages, and more."

Not only that, but ComiXology will hold a Sam Humphries sale, featuring Humphries' work for other publishers, this week as well. And they're so excited about it, they had to shout in the press release:

In addition to the new Goliath Girls releases set for this Wednesday, comiXology will also host a Sam Humphries sale featuring some of his outstanding work from across notable comic publishers!

Calm down, ComiXology!

Of course, the guest of honor himself was guaranteed to have a quote in the press release, saying:

Goliath Girls contains big emotional turning points, but instead of bursting into song, giant monsters battle each other. This is a new take on the kaiju genre—the monsters are more emotional, more interconnected with the humans. And with the same day Japan release, we are erasing the boundaries of comics distribution to bring comic book readers across the world together.

Goliath Girls #1 special edition isn't increasing its price despite adding the extra content.

Goliath Girls is a story about hope during wartime and the power of sisterhood. The fate of the world lies in the hands of three teenage girls – Zelda, Eunice, and Juliet – and their pet kaiju Ginger Spice. Join them as they fight to not only save humans from gargantuan kaiju known as "goliaths," but also to save goliaths from humans. In issue #2, the Goliath Girls must battle a giant space ape and face further trouble (romantically, parentally and otherwise).

In the world of Goliath Girls, monsters will rise, cities will fall…but best friends are forever! Zelda, Eunice, and Juliet are three best friends: orphans of the Kaiju Generation, and adoptive mothers to their own baby Goliath! For years they've searched for the elusive King of All Goliaths, the one fabled to bring the Forever War to an end. But they're not the only ones on his trail.

Goliath Girls #2 hits stores on Wednesday, along with the Goliath Girls #1 special edition.

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