Comparing Gotham Diamond Select Penguin Figures

By Brian Goldberg

On Wednesday, Diamond Select Toys released their new line of figures based on the Gotham television series. Jim Gordon, Selina Kyle, and The Penguin comprise the first wave of 7" scale collectibles based on the genre show.

Diamond released a "Roughed Up" convention exclusive during SDCC and also made the figure available at NYCC.

The first major difference between the two figures is the packaging. The convention release figure comes in a sleek bubble card while the regular release comes in Diamond's oversized packaging. The packaging difference makes it difficult to wall mount display the figures together. The mass market release has some excellent photo images of Robin Lord Taylor. My first thought is that this would be a great piece to have autographed.

sidebysideThe regular release comes with an interlocking display that the convention release does not have. Both figures come with the same set of accessories: a green apple, an umbrella, and an extra set of hands. The bloodied "roughed up" version shows a beaten Penguin with an unnerving sneer that doesn't translate the same way in the regular release.

The figure has a great sculpt but the articulation is stiff. Although the joints do not move as they should, the figure has a great natural pose out of box that's outstanding for display.

conventionrelease conventionreleaseloosePenguinRegularReleaseThe mass market release of Gotham figures is available at comic shops everywhere.

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