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Back in September, there were reports that HBO Max was developing a spinoff from Matt Reeves' Robert Pattinson-starring film The Batman that would focus on Colin Farrell's The Penguin and that Farrell had reportedly been approached to star but no deal was in place at the time Well, it looks like that last part's changed[...]
The Ghostkeeper by Johanna Taylor
The Ghostkeeper is planned for publication in the autumn of 2023. Johanna Taylor Auctions The Ghostkeeper Graphic Novel To Penguin Johanna Taylor tweeted the news, saying "BIG SPOOKY NEWS! I'm excited to announce my debut graphic novel, THE GHOSTKEEPER has been picked up by Penguin's @RazorbillBooks, and it's releasing in Fall 2023! I hope you're ready for[...]
Penguin & Catwoman Forcibly Vaccinate World Over Pandemic (Spoilers)
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool scooped the news with the headline "Danny DeVito Penguin Comic Both Anti-Vaxxer And Pro Mandate" And today that has come to pass with the release of the Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant from DC Comics. Danny DeVito played The Penguin in Tim Burton's Batman Returns And as a result, for[...]
Danny DeVito's Penguin Comic Is Both Anti-Vaxxer And Pro Mandate
Danny DeVito played The Penguin in Tim Burton's Batman Returns And as a result, for the 80th anniversary of the creation of the character, he has been asked to write a Penguin story drawn by Dan Mora for the upcoming Gotham Villains Special being published by DC Comics at the end of November And I[...]
The US Department of Justice has announced it is suing to block a two billion dollar deal over German media giant Bertelsmann's Penguin Random House, the largest publisher in the world, buying US publisher Simon & Schuster, from ViacomCBS Or in comic book terms, see the exclusive distributor of DC Comics, Dark Horse and IDW[...]
Maple Lam's Monkey King And The World of Myths
Maple Lam tweeted out "Thank you for all the love & support! I grew up reading manga & comics, so I am VERY excited to work on my new graphic novel series: MONKEY KING & THE WORLD OF MYTHS! (@RazorbillBooks/@penguinkids, Fall 2023) *Happy dance~*" Maple Lam's Monkey King And The World Of Myths From Penguin in[...]
Another Week Of Penguinpocalypse For Marvel Comics and Comic Shops
This is the current message that reads up on the Penguin Random House retailer website. ***Thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback in regard to damaged product.  We appreciate your patience as our teams are working through the claims backlog.  Please be advised that replacement stock is limited.  We will work with all customers[...]
Diamond Responds To IDW Distriubution Announcement I Haven't Seen
IDW Publishing and Penguin Random House Publisher Services  today announced an exclusive worldwide multi-year sales and distribution agreement for IDW's newly published and backlist comic book periodicals, trade collections, and graphic novels to the Direct Market comic shops beginning June 1, 2022 The new agreement complements and expands their current partnership, in which PRHPS sells[...]
The Batman Main Title Red (Credit: Warner Bros.)
Variety is reporting exclusively that HBO Max is developing a spinoff from Matt Reeves' Robert Pattinson-starring film The Batman that would focus on Colin Farrell's The Penguin Farrell has reportedly been approached to star but no deal is currently in place Lauren LeFranc (Impulse, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is reportedly attached to write the script[...]
Moss Lawton Sells Graphic Novel Hellaween To Razorbill/Penguin
The first book follows an aspiring witch and her two best friends—a werewolf and a vampire—whom she's only able to hang out with on Halloween, as the teenage trio tries to have a night of fun and mischief while also contending with two neighborhood do-gooders hell-bent on vanquishing evil. Moss Lawton Sells Graphic Novel Hellaween To[...]
Marvel Cancels More Diamond Orders, Shops Must Reorder On New Terms
Instead, they must be reordered from Diamond using the new less favourable terms, or through Penguin Random House's possibly less favourable terms Marvel Comics have now added some more titles that have had their orders cancelled and must be reordered. Marvel Cancels More Diamond Orders, Shops Must Reorder On New Terms ALIEN TP VOL 01 BLOODLINES FANTASTIC FOUR BY DAN[...]
Making The Penguin Formidable Again (Detective Comics)
The Penguin – a bit of a joke of a Batvillain with his top hat, waddle, umbrella and actually not much like a Penguin at all Every now and then the Batman comic books try and take him seriously And in today in Detective Comics #1038, Meghan Fitzmartin, Karl Moster and Jodie Bellaire have their[...]
Penguin/Random House/Jonathan Cape Drops Neil Bradford After 32 Years
Bradford had worked at the publisher through various different incarnations, now Divisional Production Director at Penguin Random House, for over 32 years Details or the departure are sketchy, but I am told it all came down to company politics Certainly losing a senior employee after so many decades is likely to have an impact. A scene[...]
First Reactions To Marvel Comics/Penguin Random House/Diamond News
Penguin Random House is starting to up the game as they get closer to becoming Marvel's exclusive direct market distributor to the direct market of North America It looks like that, as with DC Comics, Diamond UK's monopoly on the direct market of Marvel may be retained – I'm trying to get further confirmation on[...]
Retailer Exclusive Marvel Covers Only Through Penguin Random House
Bleeding Cool understands that Marvel Comics will only be offering retailer exclusive covers of comic books directly through their new exclusive direct market distributor Penguin Random House Retailers, shows, subscription boxes, or creator studios will not be allowed to order them through the wholesale distributor, Diamond. Bleeding Cool has been looking at the  Diamond/Penguin Random House/Marvel[...]