More Details On Sean Murphy's Batman: White Knight, Joker/Harley Relationship, Renee Montoya; Plus Early Colors

Yesterday, DC revealed the title and details on Sean Murphy's long-teased Batman: White Knight. In the interview announcing the book, Murphy focused on The Joker's relationship with Batman, saying that the pair will switch roles as The Joker, cured of his insanity, campaigns to stop Batman from perpetuating a cycle of violence:

It's sexy to think crime can be stopped with a fist, but the real solution is a lot more boring than that: education, increasing wages, and building trust. The line Batman rides between 'noble vigilante' and 'overzealous oppressor' will always be shifting as our own society changes.

But on Twitter, it was a different relationship Murphy focused on in talking about the series: the one between The Joker and Harley Quinn:

And he answered questions and revealed more details, including how The Joker can be "cured" of mental illness:

His take on The Joker:

Whether the book will have both a colored and uncolored release:

How many issues it will be:

Whether it's in continuity (no):

What the book's original title was:

Whether The Joker's relationship with Harley will remain abusive:

What other villains will appear:

Who will color it (Matt Hollingsworth):

Whether Nightwing will be in it (yes):

And another guest star, Renee Montoya:

Whether it will have Catwoman (no):

And finally, what it could look like colored:

Batman: White Knight #1 hits stores on October 4.

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