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Batman White Knight Presents Red Hood #1 Reveals New Robin (Spoilers)
Back in February, Screen Rant reported that the tentatively titled Batman: White Knight: Red Hood set in Sean Murphy's Murphyverse would see Red Hood as he trains his protégé and that the series will spin out of the current Batman: Beyond the White Knight, which also introduces Terry McGinnis and Neo-Gotham to the White Knight[...]
Comic Book Workers United
Williams, Elise Ringo, Emily Fields, Rob Pawson, Izze, Molly Hunt, Ashley Rall, Hannah Stroud, Maggie Manzano, Eric Kim, Bonnie M Taylor, David Faroz Precht, Nora Eyre, Erika Price, Emilie Wilkins, Sierra Barnes, Neil Kleid, Comic Cave PDX, Brandish Hudson, David Golbitz, Nicholas Poonamallee, Rachel Dukes, Jennifer de Guzman, Tim Vargulish-Chow, Sara Harrington, Brandon Greenwalt, Isaac[...]
Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Batman: White Knight Series in October
Starring Harley Quinn, written by Sean Murphy, his wife Katana Collins, artist Matteo Scalera and colourist Dave Stewart, DC Comics told retailers "Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 incorrectly appeared in the July Diamond Previews It will be solicited in August's DC Connect #3 for October on sale." It also got picked up by a[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
They have the reputation of a micro-manager at Titan Comics and is both the commissioner and gatekeeper of every comic book that goes through this publisher, with a range of licensed, creator-owned and translated comics work from Rivers Of London to Doctor Who to Robotech to Tank Girl, as well as working with both Marvel[...]
Mr. Freeze Gets a White Knight Spinoff from Sean Murphy and Klaus Janson
Can't get enough of Sean Gordon Murphy's DC Black Label series, Batman: White Knight? We'll, you're in luck because DC Comics will publish a spinoff one-shot, Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1, written by Murphy with art by Klaus Janson, in November. Check out the solicit below, and the full November solicitations here. BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT[...]
DC Sets Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight Sequel for July
Check out the press release below: This July, DC will launch the next chapter of Sean Murphy's monumental Bat-saga with BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT from DC Black Label The eagerly awaited sequel to Murphy's best-selling BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT will debut July 24, 2019. Following the critical success of BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, Murphy is putting a[...]
DC Collectibles November Solicits: Batman, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, and More
These include a new version of their Batwoman Bombshells statue by Ant Lucia, a new Batman Black and White statue by Sean Murphy, a Ivan Reis Green Lantern statue, a new DC Core statue of The Flash, and Artist Alley Batman Designer Figures by Joe Ledbetter My favorite of the bunch is the new Harley[...]