Do Symbiotes Make Good Guard Dogs? Next Week's Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed #1

Are you in the market for a new pet who can also provide home security? Maybe you're interested in a Rottweiler. Perhaps a Pit Bull? Maybe a Doberman Pincher? Or maybe you shouldn't be looking at dogs at all.

As demonstrated in a preview of next week's Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed #1, we learn that the best guard dog isn't a dog at all. At least, not really. It's a symbiote.

Do Symbiotes Make Good Guard Dogs? Next Week's Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed #1

One thing though: if you do decide to get an alien symbiote for your next pet, please consider adopting one from a shelter instead of a pet store (provided the symbiote hasn't murdered everyone in the shelter). And definitely get it spayed or neutered. Uh… with sonics.

Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed #1 hits stores next Wednesday.

Web of Venom: Venom Unleashed #1
(W) Ryan Stegman (A) Kyle Hotz, Juan Gedeon (CA) Ryan Stegman
From the illustrator of the blockbuster series of the summer comes the next epic installment in the WEB OF VENOM – a journey from the symbiote's perspective through Eddie's old haunts in San Francisco. It might not like what it finds…
Rated T+
In Shops: Jan 09, 2019
SRP: $4.99

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