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Interior preview page from VENOM #30 CAFU COVER
Well, folks, it's time to dive into the comic book equivalent of a mid-life crisis with Marvel's Venom #30, set to hit the racks on Wednesday, February 7th In this issue, Eddie Brock is giving us a classic performance of stretching himself out like the last few inches of a dollar store rubber band And[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #29 CAFU COVER
What better way to start your year than diving headfirst into the symphony of symbiote shenanigans that is Venom #29, out this Wednesday, January 3rd Isn't that the fresh start you were looking for? EDDIE BROCK'S TOUR DE FORCE CONTINUES! While chaos has reigned for Dylan Brock and the Venom symbiote, EDDIE BROCK continues to kick[...]
Interior preview page from KID VENOM: ORIGINS #1 TAIGAMI COVER
Kid Venom: Origins #1 claims its stake on the comic shop shelves this January 3rd, and with it, a promise of all the viscous, alien anti-hero antics you can handle in a kiddie pool. THIS IS KID VENOM! For the first time collected in one issue, the full four parts of KID VENOM from DEATH OF[...]
LEGO Debuts New Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon vs. Ronan Set
Miles Morales is about to get a dose of Venom as LEGO has unveiled their latest Marvel Comics set Releasing as part of the ongoing Marvel Comics Mech Suit Collection, Venom is getting upgraded to take down this wall-crawler Coming in at 134 pieces, the Venom Mech Armor vs Spider-Man set features a fully operational[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #28 CAFU COVER
The not-so-cuddly Venom is back with a new issue of mayhem and questionable dietary choices in Venom #28, hitting the shelves this Wednesday, December 6th Now, let's sink our teeth into the premise like a symbiote on a grey matter binge: A SYMBIOTIC FREE-FOR-ALL! Freshly united and teamed up, VENOM and TOXIN fight like hell to[...]
Jeremy Holt & Jesús Hervás Ask What If... Everyone Was Venom?
Marvel Comics is launching What If… Venom, a new series in February 2024, by Jeremy Holt and Jesús Hervás In which someone else other than Spider-Man bonded with the Venomm symbiote, after it abandoned Peter Parker for Eddie Brock in Web Of Spider-Man #1 in January 1985 It's been a long thirty-nine years. In February, explore[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #27 CAFU COVER
Marvel is releasing Venom #27 on our unsuspecting populace this Wednesday, November 1st Hold on to your seats as we buckle up for a ride into banality. THE VENOM OF THE WIDOW! After the birth of an all-new symbiote, what familiar face will cross its path and become its first host?! And will that host be[...]
It is 20” of Venom with Hot Toys New Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Figure 
Miles Morales and Peter Parker are swinging into action for a new tale with hunters, lizards, and symbiotes! This game is going to be packed with some sweet battles and some deadly villains from the Spider-Man landscape, including the arrival of Venom Hot Toys has announced that Venom from Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has been unleashed[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #26 CAFU COVER
Alright, folks, ready to experience some predictable unpredictability, courtesy of Marvel? Venom #26, hitting the unsuspecting comic stands this Wednesday on October 11th, sets the stage for yet another electrifying crossover Because why wouldn't they? THE STING OF THE WIDOW! After the shocking events of VENOM #23, NATASHA ROMANOFF, THE BLACK WIDOW, crosses paths with the[...]
The comic in question is "Death of the Venomverse #5" Brace yourself for the creatively complacent plot reveal in the solicit: CARNAGE WINS! Wow Simply staggering! Marvel really pulling out all the surprises early, aren't they? Ah, who am I kidding? It's the last issue of the mini-series They'd rather spoil their own work than leave us[...]
Alright, kiddos, clear your schedules because on Wednesday, September 20th, our favorite paint-by-numbers mass murder romp continues with Death of the Venomverse #4 Carnage out there is voraciously vacuuming Venoms throughout the Multiverse because who said a little unmitigated chaos was ever enough, right? I guess we're supposed to believe Agent Venom and her hobbled-together team[...]
Marvel Comics Agent Venom Joins Kaiyodo’s Amazing Yamaguchi Line 
However, he is more than that now, as he underwent a significant transformation when he became the heroic Agent Venom Flash became this hero after he enlisted in the military and sadly lost his legs during combat He was then bonded with the Venom symbiote by the government to be a special soldier, making a[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #25 BRYAN HITCH COVER
Well, folks, I hope you're ready for some good ol' fashioned timey-wimey nonsense because it's Venom #25 time Yes, this farcically oversized comic is dropping this upcoming Wednesday, September 13th, and apparently, Eddie Brock is Sherman to Doctor Doom's Mr Peabody Because, well, why the hell not? The synopsis claims Eddie needed access to Doom's time[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM ANNUAL #1 BEN HARVEY COVER
Brace yourselves for "Venom Annual #1" dueling its way onto the comic book scene this Wednesday, the 13th of September In a truly "innovative" twist, we're presented with a Venom vs Deadpool clash Because when the forces of chaos come knocking, who better to throw into the fray than a sentient alien symbiote and a[...]
Well, wouldn't you know it? Death of the Venomverse #3 is clawing its way into stores this coming Wednesday, August 30th, and you, lucky readers, are in for a treat Maybe I mean, surely this masterpiece has you at the edge of your seats… Carnage versus Silence Man, if that doesn't get your nerd-juices flowing, I[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #24 BRYAN HITCH COVER
Just when you thought you had seen everything the comic-verse had to spam your mock disbelief with, Venom #24 hits the newsstands this Wednesday, August 23rd I just checked the calendar, it's not April Fools, folks I mean, seriously? Doctor Doom, the notorious leader of Latveria, having something Eddie Brock "needs"? It either sounds like[...]
Coming to the comic stalls on Wednesday, August 16th is Marvel's shimmering gem of a cash grab, Death of the Venomverse #2 The fine folks at Marvel have decided to bring you a comical cocktail of cringe Why, you ask? Know this, my friends, Marvel strives to keep its tradition of not having any original[...]
Interior preview page from WHAT IF DARK VENOM #1 PHILIP TAN COVER
This time, we're excitedly preparing to have our minds blown by What If Dark Venom #1, which is gracing our overstuffed comic book racks this Wednesday, August 2nd In this fever dream, our lovable pile of rocks, Ben Grimm, gets a slimy upgrade You heard it right, folks, the Thing is turning into Venom Remember[...]
Hold onto your wallets, true believers! Coming this Wednesday, August 2nd, Death of the Venomverse #1 is slithering into comic stores near you Yes, you guessed it, another "epic event comic" promising a high-octane spectacle just so you'll gladly put your money in Marvel's pockets From the mind tandem of Cullen Bunn and Gerardo Sandoval,[...]
As well as Blade #1, Fallen Friend: The Death Of Ms Marvel, Moon Kight: City Of The Dead #1, Moon Knight #25, Hulk #2, Venom #23 While Ultimate Invasion #1 gets one cover, but it's a wraparound And Boom has a couple too, for Alice Ever After and BRZRKR: Poetry Of Madness. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Black Widow as the New Venom
And the Black Widow being the new Venom obsessed folk This world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool, you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the[...]
Stern Pinball Announces New Marvel’s Venom Table
Stern Pinball has teamed with Marvel once again to make a brand new pinball table, this time around focusing on the character Venom The company will be making three different versions of this all-new table, as you'll have a loose story based around the character's battles and struggles with Spider-Man, Carnage, and controlling Eddie Brock[...]
Interior preview page from EXTREME VENOMVERSE #5 LEINIL YU COVER
Well, Marvel fans, grab your swim trunks and prepare for an ocean of absurdity as Extreme Venomverse #5 drops into stores this Wednesday, July 19th Did you ever wake up one morning and think, "hey, wouldn't it be great if Jeff the Land Shark got Venomized?" No? Well, apparently that's what passes for creativity these[...]
This Wednesday, July 5th, our friendly neighborhood symbiote Venom—or should I say 'endangered symbiote'—is back with the not-so-long-awaited Venom: Lethal Protector II #5 VENOM, SILVER SABLE and a catastrophic doomsday meet in the ring for what is touted as "the final battle," but seriously, when has that phrase ever held up in comicland? Apparently, the[...]
Interior preview page from EXTREME VENOMVERSE #4 LEINIL YU COVER
Well, isn't Marvel stretching the symbiote concept like never before, folks! Prepare yourselves, because hitting the stands on the always uneventful Wednesday, July 5th, is the ace of the week, Extreme Venomverse #4 Honestly, by now I'd have thought old Venom would have dried up, but alas… So, check this out Our lovely preview synopsis is[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #22 BRYAN HITCH COVER
But it seems Eddie Brock, our dear Venom, isn't one to be outdone Instead of embarrassingly skimpy neon shorts or a good old mullet, he's decided a stroll down Marvel memory lane is the way to relive his heydays That's right, folks In the upcoming Venom #22, releasing this Wednesday, we see Eddie's consciousness popping[...]
Marvel Legends Venom Space Knight and Mania 2-Pack Revealed 
Arriving all the way back from 2016, Venom Space Knight has returned and is ready for an all new adventure Flash Thompson is taking the Symbiote to new parts of the galaxy and in a more heroic form That is not all, though, as Hasbro is also adding Marvel Comics Mania to this new release[...]
Venom: Lethal Protector II #4 is set to grace your comic book shelves this Wednesday, June 14th, and honestly, I can't contain my excitement Tech that could potentially destroy the planet falling into the wrong hands? Doctor Doom making game-changing plans for Eddie Brock and his symbiotic sidekick? Truly groundbreaking stuff Maybe "Planet-Killing for Dummies"[...]
Interior preview page from EXTREME VENOMVERSE #3 LEINIL YU COVER
It's time for Extreme Venomverse #3, hittin' comic stores on Wednesday, June 14th, and let me tell you folks, I haven't seen anything this extreme since the great Rob Liefeld DuckTales crossover calamity of '95. The powers that be at Mighty Marveldom want to take you on a wild ride through the Old West with a[...]
Interior preview page from VENOM #20 BRYAN HITCH COVER
Ah, Venom #20, hitting stores on Wednesday, June 7th, just in time for Eddie Brock to make a triumphant, naked return to the Marvel Universe Because nothing says "I'm back!" like turning up in the buff to fight alongside your own progeny I mean, we all know that clothes are the ultimate sign of parental[...]