Erik Larsen Explains Why He Didn't Credit Sienkiewicz for Homage

Homages are a standard of comic book art, paying tribute to those that came before by creating a new riff on some of their classic artwork. Traditionally, the homage is accompanied by credit, saying something along the lines of, "after Bill Sienkiewicz," if the art is homaging famous past art by Bill Sienkiewicz. But is it possible for art to be so famous that no credit is even needed to recognize that it's an homage? Legendary comic book creator Erik Larsen seems to think so, as he took to Twitter to reveal that he has homaged Bill Sienkiewicz in the next issue of Savage Dragon, but that he left out the credit because the homage is so obvious.

The cover to Savage Dragon #258 by Erik Larsen, in stores on April 7th from Image Comics.
The cover to Savage Dragon #258 by Erik Larsen, in stores on April 7th from Image Comics.

"I totally ripped off a @SienkiewiczArt page in my next issue but I didn't add a little attribution because I find that those take me, as a reader, out of the story," tweeted Larsen. "But it's also SUPER obvious, so I don't think I'm slipping anything by the reader."

When someone responded to Larsen's tweet to say, "Don't worry Bleedingcool will attempt to do a Gotcha article when the issue comes out," Larsen replied, "Then they can consider this tweet a heads up."

Message received, Erik. And here is your clickbait article. You can't beat that kind of turnaround time! The issue isn't even out for another couple of weeks!

So what classic and SUPER obvious Bill Sienkiewicz page did Larsen pay tribute to in the next issue of Savage Dragon? Savage Dragon #258 is in stores on April 7th from Image Comics, so we will find out then… and if possible, publish a second clickbait article about it. Pip pip, as a certain someone would famously say in this situation, so famously that we don't need to tell you who it is.

(W) Erik Larsen (A/CA) Erik Larsen
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