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Megaton 3, First Savage Dragon On Cover, Up For Auction
Like many of Erik Larsen's characters, the Savage Dragon was created by Larsen while he was a child in school and Larsen drew the Dragon in homemade comic books The original Dragon, inspired by elements from Captain Marvel, Batman, Speed Racer and Hulk, differs from the modern incarnation A redesigned Savage Dragon was featured in[...]
Cover image for PRIMORDIAL #1 (OF 6) CVR A SORRENTINO (MR)
But will they find untold gold and jewels where X marks the spot, or is something far more sinister waiting for them? In Shops: Sep 08, 2021 SRP: $3.99 A MAN AMONG YE #7 CVR B RIDDEL IMAGE COMICS ANT #2 CVR A LARSEN IMAGE COMICS JUL210212 (W) Erik Larsen (A/CA) Erik Larsen "ANTPOCALYPSE!" Young Hannah Washington is recruited by the United States government and[...]
Erik Laren Launches New Ongoing Ant Series From August
Bleeding Cool has covered the journey between Mario Gully, Erik Larsen and the comic Ant over the decades considerably Ant was a comic book created by Mario Gully, that he created when he was sentenced for robbery First published by Arcana Studios, it and later moved to Image Comics, then again to Big City Comics,[...]
The cover to Savage Dragon #258 by Erik Larsen, in stores on April 7th from Image Comics.
But is it possible for art to be so famous that no credit is even needed to recognize that it's an homage? Legendary comic book creator Erik Larsen seems to think so, as he took to Twitter to reveal that he has homaged Bill Sienkiewicz in the next issue of Savage Dragon, but that he[...]
After Fourteen Years, Erik Larsen Finally Published Ant #12
Fourteen years after its previous issue was published, Image Comics partner and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen returns to the character of Ant to provide fans with a volume one conclusion and the promise of more Ant adventures to come The story arc finale one-shot, Ant #12, will hit shelves this June from Image. "Back when I[...]
Original Art Auction- Arthur Suydam, Jock, John Byrne, Marc Silvestri
Current bid of $110. Erik Larsen Spawn #199 Story Page 17 Original Art (Image, 2010) Violator and Freak battle over the hellspawn as Spawn looks on in this page by Image co-founder and Savage Dragon artist Erik Larsen This penciled page was digitally inked by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane for the lead-up issue to the historic[...]
Savage Dragon Spins Off North Force Comic From Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen could have just planned to reprint Savage Dragon #259 Instead, he is repackaging and renaming it Savage Dragon #259 out in April will now be reprinting it in May as North Force #0, for the first appearance of his Alpha Flight-like Canadian superhero team, which may suggest more to come. North Force #0 is[...]
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris On Savage Dragon New Printing
With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected the next President and Vice-President of the United States Of America, taking both the popular vote and the electoral college, Image Comics founder and CFO Erik Larsen announced a new printing for his comic book Savage Dragon #253, with an updated version of the cover that featured Biden[...]
Savage Dragon #250 - An Anniversary Issue Spent in Lockdown
The comic book was rewritten and redrawn in lockdown to reflect this, but Erik Larsen got it out before anyone else However in the month-and-change since he has not exactly had other superhero comics beating down the door to join him in reflecting the world outside their window. So in the anniversary issue, Savage Dragon #250,[...]
Savage Dragon #249 First Superhero Comic to Address COVID-19 Directly
At the back of the issue, Erik Larsen writes; As I write this the world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic The book, being what the book is, a title taking place in real time in a fictionalized version of our real world, needed to address this crisis and I thought it best to[...]
A Look at Savage Dragon #250
But Erik Larsen has his own anniversary coming up – and that's of a comic book he has written and drawn every issue of (including going back to redo the issue that Jim Lee drew) whereas Todd McFarlane is considering it a big thing to be drawing five pages of #301… Savage Dragon #246 is out[...]