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A Look at Savage Dragon #250

A Look at a 100-Page Savage Dragon #250 for 2020

Todd McFarlane has been making a lot of fuss over Spawn #300 and #301 and the records it sets. But Erik Larsen has his own anniversary coming up – and that's of a comic book he has written and drawn every issue of (including going back to redo the issue that Jim Lee drew) whereas […]

New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous

Fanboy Rampage: Erik Larsen and Brian Keene vs. Terrific Production LLC Over Creator Rights

Two fanboy rampages in one day? Give unto us thy clicks, dear readers! If you haven't been following the saga of Terrific Production LLC, here's a brief rundown: Andrew Rev's Terrific Production LLC recently acquired the rights to Youngblood, a matter which Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld was not pleased with, causing Liefeld to drop any involvement with the […]

Joshua Luna Blasts Image Comics for Anti-POC Double Standards

Image Partner on Joshua Luna: Crying Racism is Classless, Unfounded

Image Comics may have retracted the statement they originally gave us about Joshua Luna's recent tweets accusing the publisher, and in particular an unnamed partner, of anti-POC double standards, but one Image founder took to Twitter to make a statement of his own. But first, a recap. Luna, one half of the Luna Brothers who […]

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Erik Larsen Vs The Comics Industry (Again) In Savage Dragon #244

In today's Savage Dragon #244, we get the return of the chicken-headed Powerhouse, heading up a superhero team, and being recruited by the TV people who have plagued – and funded – Malcolm Dragon's life to go head to head with Dragon in a PPV grudge match. But before that can happen, there has to […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Travel to the Mirror Universe in IDW May 2018 Solicits

Star Trek the Next Generation: Through the Mirror kicks off from writers Scott and David Tipton with artists like Marcus To, Chris Johnson, and J.K. Woodward. Image's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends is receiving an in-color reprint. Plus, Sonic the Hedgehog, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and other books continue onwards. All this comes out this May courtesy of IDW Publishing. More details below. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through […]

Savage Dragon #230 cover by Eric Larsen

Savage Dragon #230 Review: Yuletide Nazi-Punching

Malcolm Dragon, Maxine, and their kids are given the opportunity to appear on a reality television series. Dragon isn't especially excited, but Maxine thinks this will be perfect for the family. Elsewhere, Maxine's mother tries to give Kevin a wardrobe upgrade to help improve his life. Plus, Angel and the others are still trapped in […]

Erik Larsen Posts NSFW Savage Dragon Cover With A Little Censorship

Word came out recently that Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon was going to get a NSFW cover by artist Rafael Krás. The issue, Savage Dragon #225, will be bagged and come with a paper cover that looks like this. Well, Larsen has just posted a censored version of the cover which he called 'hilarious'. The image […]

Image To Throw Mysterious Party At Freemason Temple During Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Like one of those people who declare that the entire week surrounding their birthday is part of a prolonged birthday celebration, publisher Image Comics is planning yet another celebration of the 25th anniversary of their founding in 1992. This time, the party will take place in Toronto at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which envelops not […]

Erik Larsen Relishes In Savage Dragon Becoming An 18+ Comic (SPOILERS)

In recent months, we've noted how Savage Dragon, noted for pushing content acceptability over the decades, had been pushing it further regarding sexual content. With scenes and storylines closer in tone to Sex Criminals rather than classic Dragon. In today's issue, Erik Larsen relishes in the content rating the comic now has. So this issue […]

The Image Revolution Is Available To Stream For Free On Amazon Prime, Hoopla

In 1992, six young buck comic book artists left Marvel Comics to start a creator-owned revolution. Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Ser Robert Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, and Jim Valentino left the books they were drawing at Marvel, created new characters that for the most part looked suspiciously similar to the ones they […]

Savage Dragon To Get A Very Very Big League Guest Star, Believe Us

The comics world has not reacted kindly to the election of Donald Trump, as reported in depth right here on Bleeding Cool. We've seen some creators, like Humberto Ramos and George Perez, say they won't visit conventions in states that voted for Trump. We've seen Mark Waid say he will go to conventions, but will […]

Erik Larsen's Secret Origin Of Savage Dragon, 34 Years Ago

As tweeted by the big man… When Savage Dragon made the mass media for the first time… @robertliefeld I have no idea. I think the photographer thought he was shooting a shitty '70s album cover. — Erik Larsen (@ErikJLarsen) March 1, 2016