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Savage Dragon Takes On Anti-Vax Disinformation Today
Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon was the first – and is the only – superhero comic book from one of the big publishers that has had the coronavirus pandemic as part of its ongoing plotline While fighting the bad guys, Malcolm Dragon has also been coping with self-isolation and social distancing over the past two years in[...]
Megaton 3, First Savage Dragon On Cover, Up For Auction
Like many of Erik Larsen's characters, the Savage Dragon was created by Larsen while he was a child in school and Larsen drew the Dragon in homemade comic books The original Dragon, inspired by elements from Captain Marvel, Batman, Speed Racer and Hulk, differs from the modern incarnation A redesigned Savage Dragon was featured in[...]
Savage Dragon Does Crossover - Thank FOC It's Friday, 2nd of April
This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant items. What's FOC-ing today? Cyberpunk 2077 launches a new series, You Have My Word #1 by Bartosz Sztybor and Jesus Hervas. Returnable for stores who order 10 copies or more. Dark Horse has Umbrella Academy and Hellboy facemasks. IDW launches My Little Pony/Transformers II crossover with[...]
The cover to Savage Dragon #258 by Erik Larsen, in stores on April 7th from Image Comics.
But is it possible for art to be so famous that no credit is even needed to recognize that it's an homage? Legendary comic book creator Erik Larsen seems to think so, as he took to Twitter to reveal that he has homaged Bill Sienkiewicz in the next issue of Savage Dragon, but that he[...]
After Fourteen Years, Erik Larsen Finally Published Ant #12
Fourteen years after its previous issue was published, Image Comics partner and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen returns to the character of Ant to provide fans with a volume one conclusion and the promise of more Ant adventures to come The story arc finale one-shot, Ant #12, will hit shelves this June from Image. "Back when I[...]
Savage Dragon Spins Off North Force Comic From Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen could have just planned to reprint Savage Dragon #259 Instead, he is repackaging and renaming it Savage Dragon #259 out in April will now be reprinting it in May as North Force #0, for the first appearance of his Alpha Flight-like Canadian superhero team, which may suggest more to come. North Force #0 is[...]
Savage Dragon Recreates The Punisher As A Serial Killer
A renewed spotlight was shone on the Punisher logo's use by those involved with the riots on the Capitol last week, with calls for Marvel to enforce its trademarks, reinvent the character or rid itself of the Punisher entirely. Well, if Marvel Comics isn't willing to do any of this publicly right now, former Marvel writer/artist,[...]
Both Marvel and DC Now Have Anti-Masker Protests
For that, right now, you'll have to read today's Savage Dragon #254. Both Marvel and DC Comics Now Have Anti-Mask Protests As the Savage Dragon was the first mainstream comic book to feature the current pandemic including mask use – and it seems, the only one. DAREDEVIL #24 SEP200694 (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Mike Hawthorne (CA) Marco Checchetto THE VERDICT ON[...]
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris On Savage Dragon New Printing
And the industry seem to have responded well to the Biden/Harris Savage Dragon as well Well, slightly more than half of them have, anyway. Donny Cates Beats Joe Biden In Advance Reorders Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale[...]
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris On Savage Dragon New Printing
With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected the next President and Vice-President of the United States Of America, taking both the popular vote and the electoral college, Image Comics founder and CFO Erik Larsen announced a new printing for his comic book Savage Dragon #253, with an updated version of the cover that featured Biden[...]
Savage Dragon Gets 2nd Printing, Venom #25 Gets 5th, Thor #2 Gets 6th
Savage Dragon #252 (AUG209090), which was all told in Sunday Funnies format has sold out and gone to a second printing from Image Comics A rather wonderful comic book, we ran a preview a few weeks ago Looks like it flew out… but will be back in stores for the 28th of October. Savage Dragon Gets[...]
Savage Dragon Endorses Biden/Harris Ticket
Image Comics partner and CFO Erik Larsen is voting Joe Biden/Kamala Harris this Presidential Election in November, with an alternate cover of his ongoing comic book Savage Dragon #253 revealed today. Savage Dragon #253 cover by Erik Larsen. "This is an important election They always say that but with America literally on fire and an ineptly handled pandemic[...]
July 15th - A Week Of Missing Image Comics to The UK
7: Talpa Lumbricus & Lepus TP Moonshine #19 Savage Dragon #250 Savage Dragon: The Scourge Strikes TP The Ludocrats #3 (OF 5) The Old Guard: Force Multiplied #5 (of 5) The final issue of new Old Guard series? The 250th issue of Savage Dragon? The latest Die!Die!Die!, Gideon Falls, Moonshine, 20XX, Family Tree or Ludocrats? There are other comic books that have[...]
Dick Tracy to Doonesbury, Savage Dragon #252 Homages Cartoon Strips
Bleeding Cool has always celebrated Savage Dragon and it's experimental storytelling embedded within a traditional superhero comic book Whether that's delving into graphic sex, killing the main character, ageing in real-time, introducing trademarked version of God, the Devil, Jesus and Hitler, with changing storytelling styles, from panel layouts to influences and homages. Over the years, creator[...]
Second Printings For Canto, Snake Eyes, Power Rangers, Transformers
We have new printings and covers for Canto, GI Joe: SnakeEyes, Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer, MyLittlePony/Transformers, Terminator Vs Transformers, Catwoman, Savage Dragon, and Something Is Killing The Children… POWER RANGERS RANGER SLAYER #1 (2ND PTG) BOOM! STUDIOS JUN208619 (W) Ryan Parrott (A) Dan Mora (CA) Jen Bartel In Shops: Aug 19, 2020 SRP: $7.99 SOMETHING IS KILLING CHILDREN #7 (2ND PTG) BOOM![...]