How Venommy Are Your Civil War II Crossovers Today?

Civil War II should have been over by now. Which is why there are very few Civil War II crossovers right now.

But with a number of issues left to go, the last issue saw Miles Morales coming to terms with his appearance in one of Ulysses visions, murdering Captain America. The desire from Captain Marfvel and SHIELD that he be arrested as a result. And most of the rest of the superheroes letting him go free.

After swanning about in Thunderbolts, the last issue of Civil War II saw him arriving at Washington DC, standing on the steps where everyone had seen him kill Cap. It felt like a kind of "screw you all, I am not going to kill Captain America, and to prove it I am going to stand on those very steps and not kill him moment, to challenge his accusers.

I may be overreading this. But in today's issue of Spider-Man #9 by Brian Bendis and Nico Leon, a Civil War II crossover, we are promised this issue will be dealt with. And there's Venom on the cover by Sara Pichelli as well, and everyone knows how popular Venom is these days…

stl019802Well, firstly, Venom doesn't appear inside the comic. At all.

And, frankly, neither does Spider-Man, just popping in at the end in the same way as he appeared as the last issue of Civil War II ended.

So, you know. Quite Civil Warry even if the writer of Civil War II has nothing plotwise to add her, unlike say Nick Spencer on Captain America: Steve Rogers.

But there is lots of development for the side characters of the book, expanding Miles Morales' world, especially SHIELD's attituide to both him and his father.

But no Venom whatsoever…

Spider-Man #9 is published today.

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