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The Amazing Spider-Man #64: Something Sinister This Way Cometh!
 But I guess that's what we like about him too, right?  Well, Pete has had plenty on his plate as of late in The Amazing Spider-Man, what with The Kingpin being Mayor of New York City and abusing his power to assemble supervillains against ol' Webhead and Boomerang as he searches for the Lifeline Tablet. And if that's[...]
Hot Toys Teases Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bodega Cat Suit Figure  Spider-Man is swinging back into action as Hot Toys gives fans a look at one of their upcoming 1/6 scale figure that is purrfect  #MilesMorlales #SpiderMan teams up with #SpiderMan the Cat as #HotToys teases upcoming Bodega Cat 1/6 scale figure  Hot toys, miles Morales, spider-man, marvel, PS5    One of the biggest things to come of of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the newly added costumes. Miles Morales has not been in the comic book world for that long compared to other like OG Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. This means the long lasting characters have a long history with new costumes that are iconic for each. Insomiac continues the costume selection menu in the Miles Morales game but it involved them created their own unique costumes. While some comic book costumes did make it in the game like The End, 2020 Variant, and Into the Spider-Verse other are original creations. These suits include the STRIKE suit, Programmable Matter Suit, Purple Reign, and the fan favorite Bodega Cat Suit. The Bodega Cat suit shows Miles and his partner Spider-Man (the cat’s name is Spider-Man) and Hot Toys is bringing this suit to life.  Recently revealed during the Sideshow Collectibles Micro Con Digital Event, fas for to see an unclose look ash the upcoming figure. Spider-Man: Miles Morales fans have already seen 1/6 scale figures from the Winter Suit and the 2020 suit, making this the games third figure. Spider-Man is fully detailed and will feature his headphones, hoodie, and backpack holding Spider Cat. This will be an excellent collectible for any fan of the series and while pre-orders are not live yet fans can RSVP for one here. Miles Morales continues to get more popular and I can not wait to see the figures full reveal and what other costumes are up Hot Toys sleeves next.         “Hey Spider-Man fans, presenting the Miles Morales (Bodega Cat Suit) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys. This piece is inspired by the Marvel’s Mile Morales video game and was featured in the Micro Con Digital Event in the Sideshow Booth. Pre-orders will be available in the near future. RSVP for more updates.”
One of the biggest things to come out of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the newly created costumes Miles Morales has not been in the comic book world for that long compared to others like OG Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America This means the long-lasting characters have a long history with new costumes that[...]
Venom Cameos In Amazing Spidey #299 At Auction Today At Heritage
Heritage Auctions Sponsored Post Venom makes his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #300, according to everyone you ask, but does he? The age-old debate can be opened again because I am genuinely curious as to why it is not #299 To me, the first appearance of a character is when we get a full shot of[...]
The Amazing Spider-Man Gets Explosive New XM Studios Statue
Spider-Man is thwiping on into action as Legendary Beast Studios and XM Studios teams up for a spectacular statue Spider-Man is leaping from danger as an explosion detonates in the distance XM Studios captures the agile body of the web-slinger as he springs into action with high amounts of detail There will be two statues[...]
The Mark Bagley main cover to Amazing Spider-Man #64, by Nick Spencer and Federico Vicentini, in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021
But in the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man, in stores next week, Peter Parker takes on a new role: friendship counselor? Yes, it seems that ol' Tombstone and Robbie Robertson aren't getting along again, but in this preview of Amazing Spider-Man #64, Peter Parker shows up to set things right Check out the preview below[...]
Kaare Andrews Launches Amazing Fantasy #1 in July
The series that saw the first appearance of Spider-Man, now has some new – and old – characters to profile. Blending different Marvel eras and genres, Red Room Black Widow, teenage Spider-Man and World War II Captain America wake up on an island of intrigue, darkness and…Amazing Fantasy Are they dead? Are they dreaming? Or have[...]
John Romita Jr's Batman Vs Spider-Man Original Artwork At Auction
And as part of this weekend's Heritage Auction comic book artwork lots are two pieces by John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson a decade apart, one from their run on Amazing Spider-Man written by Marc Guggenheim, and another from their run on Batman written by Tom King. And now he's back at Marvel More Spider-Man? Or[...]
Alfred Molina Set to Return as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 3
At the beginning of December 2020, it was leaked that Molina would be returning to the Spider-Man universe in Spider-Man: No Way Home However, the movie was being kept under wraps, and no one has confirmed anything despite the fact that the movie is due out this year Marvel loves their secrets, and Molina either[...]
W.E.B. Of Spider-Man Rescheduled For May, Off The Marvel MIA List
Of Spider-Man, a new Spider-Man comic based on the Avengers Campus ride at Disney World Then the pandemic closed down comic book publishers, printers, distributors – and theme parks And the comic book by Kevin Shinick and Roberto Di Salvo was put on hold It was then rescheduled and rescheduled for publication[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #100 On Auction Right Now At Heritage Auctions
I know in my shop people tend to scoff when we have nice, raw copies of books like Amazing Spider-Man #100, for sure one of the all-time great comic covers by John Romita Sr The book itself is a personal favorite; I just love that Stan Lee left the book and gave Spider-Man six arms[...]
King In Black #5 Review: Overwrought
Oh. Oh, no. All right, well, in the immortal words of the philosopher Alvin Joiner, "it all comes down to this," as the winding and worrisome King in
Steve Ditko's 1945 School Yearbook Up For Auction
Heritage Auctions Sponsored Post Steve Ditko is best known as the artist and co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange Born on November 2nd, 1927 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the son of first-generation American Rusyn immigrants from the former Czechoslovakia, Steve Ditko graduated from Greater Johnstown High School in 1945, before enlisting in the US Army for military[...]
John Byrne Spider-Man Original Artwork Pages Up for Auction
It's a while since John Byrne wrote and drew Spider-Man Quite a while But for a time he was the pre-Brian Bendis Brian Bendis, writing and drawing Spider-Man: Chapter One, a retelling of Peter Parker's origin for a new audience with a few nips and tucks along the way, as well as the main Amazing[...]
Mark Bagley's cover to Amazing Spider-Man #63 (Legacy #864), by Nick Spencer and Federico Vicentini, in stores from Marvel Comics on April 7th, 2021
When you look at the happenings of a Spider-Man comic where Kingpin is the mayor of New York City and he cuts a deal with Baron Mordo to manipulate the demonic reincarnation of Harry Osborn, and you think, "damn, that seems way better than an alleged sexual harasser in the governor's office negotiating a multi-million[...]
The cover to Spider-Man Life Story Annual #1 by Chip Zdarsky
This August, Spider-Man: Life Story will return with a new Summer annual issue by Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley Spider-Man: Life Story is the book that followed Spider-Man's story if he had aged in real time, giving us an Old Man Spider-Man But it should not be confused with the Old Man Spider-Man series where[...]