Marvel Legends Vintage Collection Retro Mysterio Figure Design Photo Credit from Hasbro

Mysterio Casts an Illusion with New Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figure

Hasbro had some delightful Marvel Legends surprises at New York Toy Fair. One of the most interesting pieces we saw was the upcoming Spider-Man Retro Collection. These figures feature newly updated Spider-Man character molds like Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and this time Mysterio. These figures aren't your average Marvel Legends figures either as they feature […]

"Supernatural" Season 15 "Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven": [PREVIEW]

"Legends of Tomorrow": Brandon Routh Offers Fans A Marvel/DC Crossover

Though The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow bid farewell to Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford at the end of "Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness," we're not sure you ever really leave the Arrowverse family. That feeling's even stronger during times like these, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forcing people to self-isolate and social-distance – […]

X-Men (1/5) Movie CLIP - Claws Out (2000) HD

Wolverine Pops His Claws: Let's Revisit Hugh Jackman's Debut Scene

Wolverine is one of those characters that just puts a smile on people's faces. For years, comic fans felt like they were in a special club, knowing that Logan was one of those characters that could only exist in comics. We got to read his stories, he belonged to us. Sure, the X-Men cartoon in […]

Amazing Spider-Man #42

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #42 — "It Ain't A Spider-Man Comic"

(Marvel Comics, creative team: Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Nathan Fairbairn, Joe Caramagna) If you loved the visuals on the Image series Invincible, the art from Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Nathan Fairbairn and Joe Caramagna bring a surprisingly touching tale of loss and loyalty across dimensions. You may not know much about Gog but […]

bros drinking it up

Rick Remender's Rejected Spider-Man Pitch Featured Bug-Powered Bad Guys

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways. For some, like superstar comic book writer Rick Remender, the call for quarantine and social distancing has given him an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and share those memories with fans on Twitter. With a treasure trove of unused plans for comic book […]


Venom Bonds With Marvel Heroes in New Beast Kingdom Statues

Venom is back and he is turning his sights on some of our favorite Marvel heroes. Coming out of Maximum Venom, Beast Kingdom is bringing four statues to life that are all featuring a Venom twist. Funko has done some of these model designs already but if you want more of a dynamic statue then […]


Japanese Spider-Man Gets a Figure from S.H. Figuarts

Spider-Man or better known as "Supaidāman" from the Japanese live action show is getting a figure. If you're a Spider-Man fan then you have come Afros this gold mine show that aired in Japan from 1978-1979. This was a dig gent take on what we used to with a more Power Rangers feel will giant […]

JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams and Sara Pichelli's Spider-Man #4 and #5 Now Both Four Months Late

JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams, Sara Pichelli Spider-Man Almost 5 Months Late

Okay, so, I think there are going to be a lot of late comic books soon. The words is out that a number of publishers will be reducing their schedule for July and a number of books planned for April, May and June will be slip-sliding down the schedule as a result. But for some […]

"No Time To Die": Daniel Craig Says They Struggled to Keep Trump out of the Movie

Daniel Craig Dreamed Aboout Being Spidey, Supes, NOT Bond

Daniel Craig is the best Bond. Fight me. Sorry, I don't personally feel the old Bond movies hold up, and I quite enjoy the modern take on the spy. I understand that that will upset almost everyone, and that is fine. What isn't fine is that if Daniel Craig had his way, he would have […]

"The Batman" Director Matt Reeves Shares 3 New Images of the Batmobile

Michael Giacchino on Scoring 'The Batman': "Total Freedom"

Michael Giacchino has scored some monster films in the last two decades, and is becoming the go-to for Hollywood blockbusters. He will be doing the score for Matt Reeves's The Batman, after working with the director on Let Me In, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War For the Planet of the Apes. […]

AmazingSpiderMan42-1 copy

What About Gog's Point of View? Amazing Spider-Man #42 [Preview]

Amazing Spider-Man #42 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, as the greatest buddy team-up in comics at the moment continues. Spider-Man is working with his longtime nemesis, and current roommate, Boomerang, to gather fragments of the Lifeline Tablet. But this video game quest come to life has hit a bit of a snag […]

"Into the Spider-Verse": Jake Johnson's Voice Note For Quarantined Kids

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse might be the best Spider-Man movie of all time and now we have Jake Johnson stepping in to prove he might be the best Peter Parker of all time. At time of writing, a lot of schools have been canceled due to the coronavirus. That means a lot of parents are suddenly […]

REVIEW: Outlawed #1 -- "The Repetitive Nature Of This Spandex-Clad Ragnarok Cycle"

REVIEW: Outlawed #1 — "The Repetitive Nature Of This Spandex-Clad Ragnarok Cycle"

(Marvel Comics, creative team: Eve L. Ewing, Kim Jacinto, Espen Grundetjern, Clayton Cowles) On a good side, the ability of Eve Ewing to make a compelling script remains untouched. She takes the ideas here and executes them with outstanding storytelling chops. The artwork from Jacknto, Grrundetjern and Cowles likewise takes make dynamic choices in presenting […]

Marvel Brings Back the Clone Saga for Miles Morales in June

Marvel Brings Back the Clone Saga for Miles Morales in June

Building on decades of continuity and running throughout Marvel's four ongoing Spider-Man comics, The Clone Saga kicked off in 1994 and was initially well-received, but after what felt like thousands of issues in an environment of editorial chaos at Marvel that rivaled DC during the Nu52, the story went on for too long, went off […]

Web of Spider-Man Revived at Marvel in June, as W.E.B. of Spider-Man

Web of Spider-Man Revived at Marvel in June

As Amazing Spider-Man approaches its 850th issue (in legacy numbering), a lot of people have been complaining that Marvel simply doesn't publish enough Spider-Man and Spider-Man-adjacent comics. What do they publish, one or two dozen a month? That's not nearly enough. Well, no need to worry, Marvel zombies. Marvel has heard your concerns and responded […]

When Spider-Man Fought the Corona Fever

Speculator Corner: When Spider-Man Fought the Corona Fever

Spectacular Spider-Man #176 and #177 from 1991, remember them? no reason you should. Written by Kurt Busiek, and drawn by Sal Buscema, it featured Peter Parker fighting a fever – not just himself, but also the population of the SoHo district in New York. While simultaneously fighting a super powered threat that had just emerged. […]

Mary Jane Has a Stalker in Amazing Mary Jane #6 [Preview]

Mary Jane Has a Stalker in Amazing Mary Jane #6 [Preview]

Last issue, Mary Jane and Mysterio managed to wrap filming on their movie, with Mary Jane single-handedly defeating the entire Savage Six in the process while the rest of the crew filmed the final scene. And now, Mary Jane is on tour promoting the movie, which is really bad luck. Will they have to push […]

Amazing Spider-Man #41 [Preview]

Boomerang Reveals His Big Secret to Spidey in Amazing Spider-Man #41 [Preview]

The Amazing Spider-Man #41 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, as this series inches closer to a milestone 50 issues, with lots of secrets waiting to be revealed. Who is Kindred, for example? Well, that will have to wait… …as this preview has more important secrets to […]

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16

Adventures in Babysitting in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by Saladin Ahmed and Cory Smith, but if you're looking for your usual dose of superhero action, you may be surprised to learn that the book's titular star has more important duties to attend to this issue: namely, babysitting his new baby sister! […]