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Spider-Man Saves the Day with New One:12 Mezco Toyz Release
Mezco Toyz has unveiled their newest Marvel Comics One:12 Collective figure with classic Spider-Man Swinging right out of the pages of Marvel Comic, this webslinger is back and ready for action Spidey is showcased in a fabric suit with classic webbed designs featuring bright red and blue colors, just like you need a back in[...]
How New Mutants Leads To Marvel's Dark Web And A New Inferno
In today's New Mutants #25, Magik is giving up her rule in Limbo/Hell, and transferring the powers and responsibilities to Madelyne Pryor, who, as the Goblin Queen, once ruled this afterlife during the eighties in Marvel's Inferno crossover. New Mutants #25 Something Marvel Comics is keen to point out in the editorial captions. New Mutants #25 Is this how[...]
Unruly Industries Debuts New Spider-Man Spider-Verse Artist Statues 
Sideshow is entering the Spider-Verse once again as they debut new Spider-Man statues through their designer driven initiative Unruly Industries These limited edition collectibles are here and showcase some iconic spiders from the multiverse Each statue is designed by the pop culture artist and sneakerhead Tracy Tubera to add some new flavor to them Ghost-Spider,[...]
While most folks automatically blame Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange and Tom Holland's Peter Parker aka Spider-Man messing around with spells for flipping everything around, the trio makes it clear that it was Sylvie's (DiMartino) takedown of He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) in the Loki season finale that really lit the fuse (as we saw from[...]
Neil Gaiman Headlines Amazing Fantasy #1000 at Marvel in August
And so impressive is that big, four-digit number that even Neil Gaiman will contribute to the oversized anniversary issue celebrating 60 years of Spider-Man Who needs math when you've got Neil Gaiman, after all? From the press release on Marvel.com: This year marks 60 years of one of comic books' greatest icons: Spider-Man! In addition to an[...]
Marvel Previews May 25th
Thanks to a glitch that seems to be going on with ComiXology, Bleeding Cool has managed to put together a few extra Marvel previews than we'd normally get at this time. You can find other early Marvel previews here grouped together,  but we had a few left over, including Moon Knight #11, Spider-Man 2099 Exodus #1,[...]
Diamond Select Toys Reveals Two Exclusive Marvel SDCC 2022 Statues
With a 3,000 limited release pre-orders will go fast, and fans can find her here.  To make things even more limited Spider-Man is singing on in with a new Animated Series bust from Diamond Select Toy This statue captures our favorite webslinger with his spider-sense going off showing a darkened design Spider-Man will be getting a[...]
PrintWatch: Deathstroke Inc #8, Robin #13,
PrintWatch: Deathstroke Inc. #8 and Robin #13, Parts Three and Four of Shadow War, respectively, will receive Second Printings on Final Order Cutoff on the 15th of May, with an on-sale date of the 7th of June. PrintWatch: Quest's Aside, Shadow War, Amazing Spider-Man & Punisher PrintWatch:  Deathstroke Inc. #8 Second Printing, by Williamson and artist Paolo Pantalena, will arrive with a black-and-white[...]
Marvel To Publish The End OF Spider-VErse -
Even without a Spider-Verse series to spin out of… at least not yet. Over the course of five issues, Edge Of Spider-Verse will introduce brand-new Spider-heroes as well as catch up with classic favorites such as Araña, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man: India! Each thrilling issue will contain three stories packed with debuts, new status quos,[...]
Marvel Previews May 25th
Such as Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Zeb Wells and John Romita out of the 25th of May, following up on that shocker of a first issue ending, with Norman Osborn paying a visit Is this where he gives Peter Parker his new Spider-Suit complete with Spider-Glider? Amazing Spider-Man #2 First Look Or is he just coming by[...]
First Appearance Of Spider-Man's Black Costume Has Bids Of $1200 Already
Amazing Spider-Man #252 from 1984 was the first appearance of Spider-Man in his new black costume When it arrived, the origin of the new look was a bit of mystery It later revealed that Peter Parker picked it up on the Patchwork Planet in Secret Wars and much later revealed to be the symbiotic lifeform who[...]
Marvel Previews Tomorrow's Free Comic Book Day Issues
For now, check out the previews of Avengers/X-Men #1, Spider-Man/Venom #1, and Spidey and His Amazing Friends. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: AVENGERS/X-MEN #1 Written by KIERON GILLEN, GERRY DUGGAN & DANNY LORE Art by DUSTIN WEAVER, MATTEO LOLLI & KAREN DARBOE Cover by VALERIO SCHITI Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO Available for free 5/7 In FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: AVENGERS/X-MEN #1, writer[...]
Spider-Man: No Way Home - The Fight Scenes Are "More Visceral"
As fandom can be relentless at times because Thor-forbid a superhero ever makes a mistake, Benedict Cumberbatch is getting sick and tired of defending the actions of his Marvel Cinematic Universe character in Doctor Strange and his actions in 2021's Spider-Man: No Way Home While promoting his upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,[...]
Gwen Stacy Returns At Marvel Comics
They are publishing, not trade paperback, but a big fat comic book, without the spine, containing all five issues. Written by Christos Gage and drawn by Todd Nauck, Gwen Stacy's first ever solo series launched in 2019 and presented a thrilling never-before-told Silver Age mystery that saw a pre-Spider-Man Gwen go up against villains like Green[...]
Spider-Man: No Way Home: Taking The "Kitchen Sink" Approach [SPOILERS]
After Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Spider-Man nostalgia might have hit an all-time high The film pulled off a massively successful twist (that everyone was excited to see coming), uniting three variations of the live-action superhero for one spectacular MCU event of a lifetime. The reunion not only served as a solid installment for the current[...]