If You Pay A Creator For A Signature, Do You Get A Receipt? And Do They Charge To Sign That?

We've been covering the controversy in the comic book creator community over the issue of charging for signatures.

But there's one interesting element of that which hasn't been explored, do you get a receipt?

With dealers paying $30 or more for comics to be signed, that they can then sell on for profit, the cost of a signature should become a cost, to be declared against the tax they will pay on each successful sale.

The problem is that some creators don't have a receipt policy. They don't ave the documentation. And, frankly, some of them aren't paying tax on the money they receive for their signatures.

As signature costs increase and become more of a standard, and begin to be absorbed into the business costs of an industry, so the paperwork is going to have to be watertight and standards are going to be demanded.

And that's besides the thorny question, does a creator charge to sign a receipt? And would you get a signed receipt for that receipt signature? And another one for that? And another one for etc etc…


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