Mahmud Asrar's Original Design for Caucasian Psylocke

The Hunt for Wolverine minis, due mostly to the fact that the existence of the follow-up Return of Wolverine mini-series, have been mostly pointless, with no hope of anyone actually finding Wolverine because Wolverine can't return before the actual Return of Wolverine. But in Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #4, we at least got a major character development for Psylocke.

After battling Sapphire Styx on the astral plane, Psylocke reforms her body, but instead of the Asian body she's inhabited since 1990, she reformed her original Caucasian body, complete with a similar throwback costume. But despite Psylocke's considerable psychic powers, it was from the mind of X-Men Red artist Mahmud Asrar from which sprung the design for Psylocke's new duds.

X-Editor Jordan White posted the original drawing on Twitter:

Wondering what happened in the rest of last week's X-Books? Check out our mega-recap here. Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends hits stores on Wednesday, and hopefully we can finally stop stalling and move forward with this whole Return of Wolverine thing after that.

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